Bella and DiDi: The perfect picture?


This weekend our Rosebud (human sister) tried to take a nice photo of us and our Poodle nephew Toby. Who wouldn’t want a nice image of our Poodle trio?

We agreed to take part in this photo shoot because Rosebud offered us a lovely treat rate for our time.

Also, we didn’t think the shoot would take away too much time from our busy day which was filled with rolling in leaves, catching rays and tending to our garden.

However, we were wrong.

Bella and DiDi: Is this our test shot? Is there going to be make up? Hey, cottontail (Toby) where are you going?

Toby is a complete amateur when it comes to posing. We think he gets so excited over the idea of his handsome face being captured on film that he loses all ability to focus.

Bella and DiDi: Okay we’re in a different room. Tell us when you are ready. Toby you have to stay in the frame.

Rosebud lost control of the shoot (typical) and never got the perfect picture.

We decided that our time was best spent in the yard or cuddling. Sometimes you can’t make a perfect picture or moment happen.

When it is the right time, you will know and the picture will come together in the most beautiful way.

What does your perfect picture look like?


Bella and DiDi

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37 thoughts on “Bella and DiDi: The perfect picture?

  1. Aww. Our perfect pigtures are when whee are cuddled up with the little hoomans or caught in the act of being naughty with that ‘uh-oh’ look on our faces. That just captures us and our cheeky personalities. Maybe Toby is camera shy and needs you to build up his confidence?

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  2. You girls look quite lovely, and so professional ! Toby, you will be the star of the picture when you get more comfortable with your new family- you are doing quite well for being the new guy.

    My perfect picture is one that includes everyone together in my immediate family in one space . That will always be my perfect picture.

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