Our Mission

Welcome to our blog! People think dogs can’t understand what goes on in the world. Just because we are furry (most of us) and lack thumbs doesn’t mean that we are incapable of feeling all the same emotions humans do.

Our humans have always told us that a dog needs a job. After considering many careers (Bird watching, test-kitchen tasters, ball girls for the professional tennis tour) we have decided to dispense our wisdom to canines and anyone else who needs it (including cats).

A few things to keep in mind (or under your paw) while reading some of our blogs:

-Dog treats mean everything to us. They are our currency. Have you tried to eat a dollar bill? Yuck!

-Humans are just what you’d expect them to be. Each dog belongs to one or two or a bunch. We have heard these humans referred to as owners but we really know who’s in charge.

-Howl generally means hello but can also be a way of expressing emotion. Woof means goodbye when we talk to each other. A woof at a human usually means that we need something.

-Canine is the proper term for dog. We like to be proper so you may see that term used here.

-Breed not bread (yum) is a different kind of us. We come in many shapes, sizes and colors.

The rest we’ll explain. Our humans are at work a lot so we have plenty of time to dispense our wisdom. Standard Poodles aren’t called one of the smartest breeds in the world for nothing.

We’re here to listen to everyone. Just howl or use our submission tab.


Bella and DiDi

16 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. I always knew poodles were smart but you both take this to a whole new level. One of my all time favorite dogs is Scooby Doo. Have you ever followed any of his adventures?

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