Standard Poodles…We’re different than you think

We’re sure you have seen Standard Poodles on TV participating in dog shows or in movies prancing around half-naked. Maybe someone has called you a Poodle when they thought you were acting like a prima donna?

It is not our style for world to see our exposed behinds but admire our fellow Poodles who carry that look off with pride. The humans let us have full coats so we are much more comfortable. It is true that some of us are more sophisticated than others. However, we enjoy cuddling, playing in our yard and treats just like any other dog.

We admit that we are smarter than most dogs. This is why we figured out how to blog. Of course, we don’t sit on thrones all day surrounded by bejeweled pillows spouting off scientific equations.

We hope you like our blog and get to know what a Poodle is really like.


Bella and DiDi

4 thoughts on “Standard Poodles…We’re different than you think

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You are the second set of poodles to change the image of poodles for me…..there are three poodle owners with four dogs between them, who come to the dog park that Bailey and I enjoy. “We” expected them to be stuck up and very fancy, but they are big on playing, running, and socializing with their dog park buddies. Poodles rock! πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you for the kind comment! Yes, we are not all fancy, society dogs. We like feeling the soil in between our paws. We look forward to following your blog!

      Bella and DiDi

  2. My 3 standard poodles aren’t allowed access to my laptop, though the youngest is quite determined to learn to type. We let our poodles keep a regular type haircut, no shows for them. They are watchdogs! They bark at things they see that we don’t, one of very few behaviors I wish we could change. Any suggestions? You’re good writers and if you’d like to see Lucy, Apollo and Wynonna, there are pictures on my blog, but unlike yours, my blog isn’t about just poodles, so you may have to search past posts for pics.

    • Thanks for checking out our blog! We saw your poodles on your blog! We love them! We are guard dogs too and can bark at things our humans don’t see. Maybe it is a poodle thing? For us, we want to protect our house even if that means barking at the wind. blowing. πŸ™‚

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