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Bella and DiDi

39 thoughts on “Ask us a question

  1. Dear Bella and DiDi- Thank goodness you are out there sharing your insights and advice. My human just adopted me, and although she is trying very hard to make my life wonderful, she is often clueless! Being just a puppy, I don’t really have the attention span necessary to educate her, but she seems trainable. I hope she continues to follow your blog. Keep up the good work and thanks again for sharing.

    • Awww, we’re glad we can be here for you and your human. That makes us very happy. Let us know if you have any questions you would like us to address in a blog post.

      *Hugs and *Kisses*

      Bella and DiDi

  2. Hi Didi and Bella,
    I have a question for you on behalf of my lovely boy Kane (Malamute/Keeshond cross). (He is a hopeless typist and speller). I don’t work regular hours, so it is difficult for us to have a routine, although we still walk for at least an hour every day and usually have time for a free run at the beach with his friends most days. The problem is, I know Kane is broken-hearted every time I go to work. The neighbours (I use the English spelling, I live in New Zealand), tell me that he howls every day for 20 minutes after I go to work and then doesn’t move from the gate until I come home, unless it is raining. He has lots of toys and a comfy bed and an wonderful garden to play in. I’m not sure what I can do to make his time without us less sad. Any ideas?

  3. Dear Bella and DiDi,
    Very soon, I will be going to Spain for summer vacation. I will be meeting my cousin, Olivia, also a Jack Russell Terrier, for the first time. I am worried that she won’t like me or that she’ll growl and try to nip at me. I’ve heard the humans mention that Olivia sometimes has a “mean streak.” I am very friendly so you can see how I might be worried that Olivia might try to bite me. What can I do to avoid this from happening?
    Thank you for your help!
    Your friend,

  4. Dear Bella and Didi,
    I’m having surgery on my ACL this morning (second one in three months–how many ACLs does a dog have? That’s not my question) and I’ll be laid up for two-three weeks. Can you recommend any good books I can read during my recovery?

    Rosie the Yoga Dog

  5. Hi Bella and Didi! Tonto is a big fan and gives your blog two paws up!

    I was hoping you could answer my question… every time we feed Tonto, he gobbles up all his food in about 10 seconds. When people see him eat, they get concerned that we don’t feed him enough because he eats so fast! We feed him just the right amount, so we don’t want to seem like bad doggie parents. He also burps as loud as a human when he eats this fast.

    We bought him the Kong Wobbler to help him eat a little slower, but sometimes we forget to feed him through it and then the loud burping happens again. Do you know why he eats so fast? What tips can you give us to help him eat a little slower, if any?

    Also, Tonto was hoping you could draw a photo of him so that he can frame it and hang it next to his house. =)


  6. Hi Bella and DiDi,

    As you give such great advice to everyone, I thought I’d give it a go.

    My problem is I am scared of children. They scream and run and wobble – they just basically do not know how to behave! I try my best to scare them off by barking if they come anywhere close, but sometimes I feel that isn’t enough and that I should lunge at them. I know my mommy tells me I’m cute, but don’t these kids have any manners?! They can’t just go around expecting to pet me, after all, they have to earn my trust first. Who knows what bad intentions they might have!

    But what I realised one day was that my mommy and daddy might one day want to have children of their own. How do I then cope with having such a scary thing in the house?

    Thanks for your advice,


  7. Hi Guys,

    I love your blog – I have a question……

    I’m turning 2 soon and my family neglected to properly introduce me to Cats – When I was a puppy, I met a few on the street when we were out and it all went pretty well until I encountered a couple of mean ones and also some who ran away….

    So fast forward to now, I’m working as a Therapy Dog and on some of my visits a Cat comes to the retirement home too – I have to confess I’m obsessed by the Cat AND I was even caught licking my lips (Mum’s not convinced it was a co-incidence)….. how do I learn to chill when there are Cats around?

    Thanks for your wisdom,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  8. Hello Bella and DiDi

    My name is Digby and I am a Griffon Bruxellois (otherwise known as a Brussels Griffon, after my native homeland) and I need some advice. There is a strange device at our house that the humans point at their heads after they shower and it makes a ghastly and booming sound. I don’t know how they put up with it! To make matters worse, now they’ve taken to aiming it at me after a bath (don’t they know that you need to roll in something nice and smelly after one of those?). I’ve tried barking at it and telling it to back off before I bite it, but that just causes the humans to laugh and make it go louder. One time I got my teeth into it and they went all weird and took it away from me. As if they want to protect this horrible thing!! I was just trying to chew its tail off.

    How can I get rid of this monster once and for all, before it kills all of us?

    Paws Truly


  9. Dear Bella & DiDi, I love your blog and have noticed that you have enjoyed mine as well.
    could you please help my people understand why poop eating is an acquired taste by many 4 legged friends. Do either of you enjoy this delicacy?
    I looking forward to your great wisdom on this subject, Pickles

  10. My human was wondering if I might like a friend but she thinks the thing we have now is very special and wonders if bringing another dog in is a bad idea. What if I feel left out and the other dog gets more attention? What if the other dog is not as well behaved as me or has problems?
    She would love to help out a dog in need of a forever home but I was here first and I have been here for over 2 years now and I’m well settled in and very well behaved.

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