Louise the Human: How do I find my favorite place?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I have been living and working in the same city for a few years now. Until a few months ago, I liked city life. Although, now I am sick of it and feel out of place. I would move but I don’t know where I want to go.

I feel so lost. How do I find my favorite place?

-Louise the Human

Howl Louise,

Sometimes being lost can be a good thing. Once, I snuck out of the yard and walked down a street I had never been down. Along the way, I met this nice human who took me into her yard. It was lunchtime and I must have had my “hungry face” on so she shared her turkey sandwich with me.

Little did I know as I was drooling over the sandwich that she was calling my humans. My mom showed up with her “angry face” on and I knew I wouldn’t be getting any treats for the rest of the day

Even though I upset my mom, I had to explore a bit in my quest to find a favorite place. This excursion was part of the process. Plus, now I have a friend down the street who makes fabulous turkey sandwiches.

I believe in doing what your stomach area is telling you. It is a wise and smart place. How else would we know when it was time to eat kibble if the stomach area didn’t tell us? If it is suggesting you should leave the city then make plans to do that. Maybe you need to try a few places before you find your favorite place?

It took me some time but now I know that in the yard under the big tree in between the stone wall and rose bush is my favorite place. I just feel like I belong there.

While you are searching for your place, remember to do things that bring you comfort and improve your current environment. You would be amazed how much better one can feel after organizing their toy container or making their bed.

You won’t be lost forever so be sure to take in the landscape while on the way to your favorite place.











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16 thoughts on “Louise the Human: How do I find my favorite place?

  1. They say that our “gut ” is our second independent brain. You are a very wise poodle to give such sage advice and written so well! !!! Humans would be wise to heed your good advice.

  2. Very good advice there. Whee actually have another example. When Basil first arrived he was feeling very lost and confused. One day he broke out of his cage and ran round the back. Tucked there was a den of fleece blankets for floor time when whee are allowed free run of the floor. Now whenever Basil is worried he runs to the den where he feels safe.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  3. Maybe Louise can spice up her home with some new colors, accents and furnitures? That’s like moving (the price could be the same when she goes the DIY-way)… Didi you must have great neighbors, a turkey sandwich…yummy :o)

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