Bella and DiDi: We’re throwing a party!


Please join us this Sunday February 3rd at 2pm EST on Google Hangout for a fantastic time. We will be there on camera with our human leader and blog assistant, Margot Ahlquist.

Before the real athletes take the field on Animal Planet, we will celebrate. Sign up here: Our blog assistant will send you more details over email as the day gets closer.



Bella and DiDi

Ralphie the English Bulldog: Why won’t my older brother play with me?


Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a fun-loving 2-year-old English Bulldog. Currently, I live with my humans and Mattingly, my 5-year-old English Bulldog brother. We share a beautiful house, have a plentiful amount of toys and get a lot of love from our humans.

However, something is missing. I like to wrestle, go on expeditions in the yard and play chase but Mattingly wants no part of these activities. He will play tug of war for a few minutes a day but that is it.

Instead, Mattingly would rather sunbathe on the deck. I thought he was supposed to be my partner in crime? Why won’t he play with me?

-Ralphie the English Bulldog

Ralphie: I want to play but my brother wants to sleep. *Sigh*

Howl Ralphie,

Speaking as an older sibling, I can understand how Mattingly feels. As one progresses through life, it is not all about the thrill of roughhousing. You learn that quiet time can be very satisfying. This may be difficult for you to comprehend since you are a young dog.

Just because Mattingly, would rather relax on the deck, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Invite some neighbors over for a yard expedition. Maybe you’ll find some old toys Mattingly buried and forgot about?

Practice your wrestling moves on the living room floor. Stay limber and sharp in case Mattingly suddenly wants to duel. Also, maybe one of your humans will see your skills and decide they want to challenge you to a match?

Lastly, don’t let Mattingly become too lazy. Sure we all enjoy catching rays while reclining in a lounge chair, but there is more to life than this.

When Mattingly is least expecting it, surprise him with a loud brotherly bark. Take him by the collar if you have to and show him how fun it is to play. If Mattingly learns that special toys are being dug up, he will likely join you on the next yard expedition.

Sometimes us elders need a little reminder on how to be young again.











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