Zach the dog: How do I break up with my girlfriend?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I have been dating my girlfriend (who I prefer not to name) for 6 months. She is smart, funny and has a lovely fur coat. Overall, she is a wonderful canine, However, I don’t have romantic feelings for her anymore.

I know that I need to break up with her for both of our sakes but I don’t know how. Last week, I took her for premium chow outside of our yards figuring that over a nice meal I could end it. At least then, her tummy would be full even if her heart might be broken.

But I couldn’t do it. I knew it would be hard. How do I break up with her?

-Zach the dog

Howl Zach,

I am relieved that you care enough about your girlfriend to ask for advice on how to deal with this difficult situation. Some men can be such wild animals.

No matter how painful it may be, most of us just want to know the truth. Don’t waste our time or say you are too busy to take us out of the yard for date night because in reality you don’t care about the relationship anymore.

Before you do anything, make sure that you are ready for the relationship to end. Are you sure those romantic feelings have diminished? Can you live without seeing her gorgeous fur coat on a regular basis?

If breaking up is still the correct choice,then perk your ears up. Go to your girlfriend’s yard when she won’t be crowded by humans or other animals and tell her your feelings have changed.

Then just listen to what she has to say. When she is done crying, barking or reminiscing, tell her again how fabulous you think she is. Explain how you agonized over this. Be gentle and kind.

If you handle this sad situation with grace, it will help both of you to move on peacefully. Leave the gate to the yard open because you never know who may trot through it in the future.




Bongo the Dog: My girlfriend is angry at me. What do I do?

                           Bongo the Dog courtesy of bongodogblog


Our friend Bongo asked us to offer some advice about his girlfriend predicament. See an excerpt below from Bongo’s blog post explaining this issue.

Our walk was over and we were heading into the parking lot when I saw her. I hadn’t seen her in a very long time. My girlfriend Lucy!

But Lucy was stand-offish and didn’t want to play with me. Disappointment on top of disappointment.

Oh no! What if she heard about LeighLa, my other girlfriend? My friend Sweet Kitten warned me about having two girlfriends but I didn’t believe her. I thought it would be okay.

What do I do now? They’re both my favorites. This is serious disaster!

Bongo the Dog

Howl Bongo,

Normally, we would be upset about a male secretly balancing two girlfriends at once but you seem to care about both Lucy and LeighLa. Also, your sweet face has captivated us. You certainly have a way with the females.

We know you are conflicted but for a moment think of how Lucy must feel. Maybe she learned from your trail friends that LeighLa has entered the picture? Her feelings are most likely hurt.

Out of the goodness of your heart, we suggest giving her a special treat as a respectful gesture the next time you see her. Also, apologize for any pain you may have caused.

The next step out of this confusion is to decide what you really want. Do you want to have more than one lady in your life? Or are you ready to settle down in a committed relationship?

Take time to ponder what you would like. Think about it when you are on your walks, resting in your yard and as you drift off to sleep at night (We do some of our best thinking just before we fall asleep). There is an answer within you and it just needs to surface.

Once you have decided, let Lucy and LeighLa know what type of relationship you are looking for.

If you want to casually date more than one female that is fine just as long as they know about it.

However, if you truly want to have a steady girlfriend then pick the one that makes you feel happiest. Who do your feel most comfortable around when your collar is off? It may not be Lucy or LeighLa but someone you have yet to meet.

You won’t feel awkward on your trail walks anymore if the females know what your intentions are. What we really want from males is the truth. If that is missing than there is no chance at love.


Bella and DiDi

















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