Aimee the human: How do I feel less guilty leaving my dog when going to work?

Dear Paws to Talk,

Each morning just as I am about to leave for work, I look at my dog Charlie and feel so guilty. He goes to his bed and looks sad which makes me feel worse.

Even though, I have a wonderful dog walker visit him while I am away, that doesn’t seem to help me from feeling badly.

How can I feel better about this?

-Aimee the human

Howl Aimee,

Charlie is lucky to have you as his mother because you truly care about him. These feelings most likely result in Charlie receiving more treats. Way to go our canine friend!

Despite the fact that Charlie looks sad when you leave, trust us when we say that he needs time to himself. Just as you have things to accomplish in the world, so does Charlie.

Speaking from experience, while you are gone, Charlie is working on various projects such as finishing a challenging chew toy, his side project(s) around the house and keeping in touch with his animal friends. These are all things that are put on the back burner when you are home because Charlie’s focus becomes taking care of you.

Take comfort in knowing that Charlie is being productive and not in bed sulking all day. However, just because Charlie fills his days with activities in your absence, is no excuse for you to pay less attention to him when you get home. Keep up the hugs, kisses, tug of war games and treat dispensing.

Charlie will let you know if something is really wrong or if he becomes lonely. Meanwhile, make some tea and biscotti for two and have Charlie tell you about his day.


Bella and DiDi


















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8 thoughts on “Aimee the human: How do I feel less guilty leaving my dog when going to work?

  1. I’m with Misaki, Eko is happy to search for hidden treats or play with a bone while I’m gone. And while leaving is never fun, it makes coming home that much better!

  2. Charlie is a lucky fellow! He’s got a loving owner, a comfy home (well stocked with treats no doubt!) a daily walker and you come home to him every night. Don’t forget how many hours a day a fellow has to sleep 😉

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