Lauren the Human: The holiday season is coming. How do I stay in shape during this time?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I looked at the calendar last week and realized that Thanksgiving and the whole holiday season are so close. At first I felt excited, then a feeling of dread came over me. While I love celebrating with my family and friends, I often eat and drink too much during this time.

My happiness is diminished by too much egg nog or being stuffed with turkey stuffing. How do I enjoy the holidays but keep my body in shape?

-Lauren the Human

Howl Lauren,

You are not alone. We have all been there. First, you are sprawled out on the couch after a lovely meal and next you have to retire to the bed as your tummy feels like it could burst.

Both of us have our holiday strategies for making sure our fur coats still fit in January. See below.


I can’t help myself when it comes to appetizers. My mommy makes such yummy appetizers! I sit next to her and drool as she prepares them. Then she puts the whole spread on the low coffee table. This is too delicious (and easy) to pass up.

My favorite is the bluefish dip with crackers. Before anyone can scold me or give me a look of disapproval, I put my face in the dip. I don’t eat the whole thing but have enough so I feel that I had a nice treat. Of course, after having some dip I take a few crackers in my mouth to even out the flavors and clean the rest off of my face.

Before any of these appetizers are set down for consumption, I make sure to eat my normal and “healthy” kibble. Otherwise, I would be famished and devour the whole appetizer spread. My tummy would be mean to me for a couple of days if I did that.

Eat a normal meal and then indulge in a handful of things that are special. Bluefish dip will always have a special place in my heart.


While Bella is having appetizers, I am making sure the young humans are fed. I am usually on clean up duty after their meals. Young human food is actually quite good.

However, I arrive at the dinner table ready for some good chow. I don’t know why but I love butter. Half a stick of butter and a fresh roll is my usual holiday treat.

Before I make a move for my favorite treat, I survey the other foods on display to see if there is anything else I really want to try.

I wait until my hunger starts acting up or the humans are in between courses and have the butter and bread. Then I zero in on the other item (s). I enjoy these lovely treats until I pull the tablecloth complete with glassware and leftovers to the floor. That is when I know I am in a “food coma” and have had enough to eat.

Coincidentally, when the tableware hits the floor is also the perfect time to go outside for patrol duty or up to bed early.

Since, I don’t have as much self-control as Bella when it comes to holiday treats, I make sure to run extra laps around the yard after the holidays. I like to maintain my athletic and lean appearance.

Good luck! We know you can have a wonderful holiday season and not feel so guilty.


Bella and DiDi
















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