Bella and DiDi: We answered this letter earlier in the year and find it appropriate as we honor our veterans. No matter what you believe, we hope there is time in your day to think about those who served.

Bella and DiDi

Paws to Talk


Dear Paws to Talk,

My grandfather passed away a few months ago. I still miss him dearly. He used to give the best loves and neck rubs. When he visited my house, he would sit for at least an hour and just pet me. I was beside myself when I realized he had gone to heaven.

Not only was he a great companion who loved animals but was he was also a war veteran.   I heard my humans mentioning that today was a day of remembrance. I think about my grandfather often but want to find a nice way to honor him for all he did for me and others. Do you have any ideas?

-Tucker the Chow Chow

Howl Tucker,

We’re sorry about the loss of your grandfather. It sounds like he was a lovely person. You are a wonderful canine for wanting to do something special…

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