Mason the Human: How can I get my work week off to the best start?

Dear Paws to Talk,

 I start my work week in complete chaos. Monday morning comes and I often didn’t relax or finish weekend projects around the house. Then, I go to the office and get swept up in a tidal wave of work and meetings.

I make it through the week somehow and get some reprieve from the weekend. However, by Monday morning, I am flustered and do all I can to ride the title wave.

I rarely enter the work week organized and relaxed. How can I make this happen?

-Mason the Human

Howl Mason,

Although we have never rode a tidal wave, Mondays make us anxious too. The humans scatter and go to different places which makes it so difficult to watch over them. Then we are usually taken off guard by a cleaning person, mailman or repairman showing up unannounced. Plus, the cuddling percentages almost always drop during the week.

Not to mention, it will be probably another year before we finish our weekend project of building a bone dispenser.

No matter what is happening in your life, clearly the work week likes to grab a hold of you and rarely let go until Friday evening. However, we think there are some ways to make the work week less grabby. See below.

Map out your week

Is there one specific area where you feel the work week is negatively effecting you? For instance, maybe you like to run and cook your own meals, but the week gets so crazy you don’t do these things.
Instead of mourning your missed runs and recipes, think about when and how you can incorporate these things into your week. Maybe Wednesdays are slower than Mondays and a good day for these activities?

Let your weekend be a weekend

This is a tricky one. Admittedly, we rarely relax on the weekend because we are preoccupied watching the humans take part in their extra activities. Plus,  lately we have spent a lot of time building the bone dispenser so our weekends aren’t as peaceful as they should be. Thankfully, we have Monday and Tuesday afternoons off to catch up on some much-needed rest.

Since you probably can’t nap at your desk on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, don’t let your side projects or even work take away the time you would spend with your pets, family and friends. Sometimes it is more important to watch TV than answer an email. Give your paws a rest.

Indulge during the week

Sometimes a sumptuous piece of treat and kibble cake (we can email you the recipe if you want) is needed after a long day. Be kind to yourself and you won’t find the work week ruling your life.

Perhaps, a nice spa treatment or watching a movie is just the thing to provide a pleasant escape.

Above all, remember this is your life. You can make it be as lovely or torturous as you want.


Bella and DiDi
















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