Ted the Maltese: I have a lot on my mind and can’t sleep. What should I do?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I have had a terrible week of sleep. Each night, I settle into my comfy bed near my humans expecting to fall asleep like usual. Instead, I lay there wide awake with my mind churning.

I think about the gap in the fence surrounding my yard and what unwanted creatures are squeezing through it. Also, I think about the humans and animals who are suffering because of one mean lady named Sandy. Finally, I wonder if another mean lady like Sandy is going to come to my house soon.

How am I supposed to sleep when there is so much to think about?

-Ted the Maltese

Howl Ted,

It certainly has been a tough week in many ways. Sandy came to our house and she was very angry. Bella barked asking her to leave. Meanwhile, DiDi stood in the yard flopping her ears, trying to see if she could get airborne with the help of Sandy’s powerful wind.

Keep in mind that we are the lucky ones. Our humans, homes and yards are intact. This should bring you some comfort.

We are very distressed about those suffering because of Sandy. This is why during the day we have been working on ways to help.

Yesterday, we shipped boxes of treats, bags of kibble and some of our toys to a disaster command post with the help of our mommy. We packed the boxes and mommy did the rest. It was a nice display of human-dog teamwork.

Take action. It will make you feel less helpless and use some of that pent-up energy.  Get out to your yard and fix that fence. Use a branch or rock to plug the gap so no intruders can sneak in. A yard is a special place and you should protect it.

According to our daddy, who is very knowledgeable, Sandy the mean lady’s visit was a rare occurrence. We will all face other challenges in life but don’t spend your time worrying that Sandy’s nasty relative or friend is going to show up at your door tomorrow. It is very unlikely. Plus, Sandy’s family and friends must be exhausted from supporting her in all these devastating efforts.

Become preoccupied during the day with positive work and we guarantee you will drift off to a peaceful sleep at night.


Bella and DiDi
















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15 thoughts on “Ted the Maltese: I have a lot on my mind and can’t sleep. What should I do?

  1. Bella & DiDi, great advice and encouragement for Ted. I hear there’s another storm heading to the same area as Sandy. This one’s a Nor’easter. Hope Ted–and you–stay safe. I applaud you for helping by shipping those goodies to those in need. You rock, ladies!

  2. So glad to hear that you are alright after Sandy’s nasty visit. It really has been terrible, watching the chaos through all the blogs and news reports. So great of you to send food and toys to help those in need. Stay safe.

  3. Bella and DiDi, other furry friends have much to learn from you lovely ladies! I admire your generosity and kindness. There is nothing more gratifying than helping those in need. Mommy and Daddy must be very proud of you! 🙂

  4. Thats very nice of you to donate treats, kibble and toys !!! Maybe Ted could write his own Bad Idea Catalog while he can’t sleep and maybe he will get some nice ideas for surprising Sandy?

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