Bella and DiDi: Venting session!

           Bella: Time to vent! I have a lot of things to shake out of my fur.

                            DiDi: Follow me to the special venting place!


Whether you are a dog, cat, human or porcupine, everyone needs to vent their emotions. Thankfully, we have each other to vent to when the humans are off doing whatever humans do.

Here was what we covered in our latest session.

Bella: Why is everyone talking about Sandy? She is our dog walker but did she do something to get on the news? I even heard someone call her a hurricane.

DiDi: That’s not nice! I hope she walks us through the park today. I love smelling the leaves!

Bella: Woof!

DiDi: I don’t want to start my Christmas shopping but they have all the decorations out in the store.

Bella: Oh, I know! Now this year we have an extra human (Cooper) and canine (Toby the Poodle) to buy for.

DiDi: Have you noticed that they took the grains out of our food?

Bella: I don’t understand why all of sudden they decided to do this. I bet pre-historic dogs ate grains. Why can’t we?

DiDi: I am so cranky! I miss the extra carbs! I want to eat a loaf of bread and slather it in butter (my favorite)!

Bella: I am heartbroken that Justin Timberlake is married. He was always my human celebrity crush.

DiDi: He’s cute but I never got into boy bands. Pick a new crush. How about George Clooney?

Bella: Oh, perfect!

DiDi: I’m sticking to my choice – the Pillsbury Doughboy.

Bella: Adorable and delicious.


Bella and DiDi

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18 thoughts on “Bella and DiDi: Venting session!

  1. I’m glad you shook all of that out of your fur. I don’t even have a dog walker, but they’re talking about Sandy at my house, too. Mostly, people sound like they don’t like her…..

    Love and licks,

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