Ruby the Irish Setter: What are some fun things I can do on a stormy day?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I was eating my kibble this morning when I saw a nasty sight. The trees in my yard were being roughhoused by the wind and my finely manicured yard was being turned into a mud pit.

Instantly, I knew that I was going to be spending a day inside the house with the exception of necessary bathroom breaks. I was distraught.

My yard is my happy place and being stuck inside all day feels like a prison sentence. Since, I have to be inside, what can I do to have fun on this stormy day?

-Ruby the Irish Setter

Howl Ruby,

I live for my yard and like you I find it hard to cope with a full day inside. As my humans say, I “get my nose out of joint,” whatever that means.

However, I live in the Northeastern part of the United States so we get a lot of stormy days here. I have put in a request for relocation to a milder climate but so far it has been denied.

Because I won’t be headed to a less stormy climate and my mommy hates a muddy dog running through the house, I have come up with some fun activities to do inside on a stormy day.

1. Get into the kitchen and make yourself useful. I recommended assisting your human(s) in preparing a home-cooked meal. If you have been through culinary training (I am still working on my certification as I always eat my ingredients before I get to cook them) then cook up a wholesome stew or chowder. Yum!

2. If the weather is safe enough to travel in, then invite some friends over to play board games. My favorite game is Monopoly. I love buying the land and then lifting my leg to officially mark it as my territory. Beware that, officially claiming your land can end the game. Oh, well there is always checkers.

3. Study the storm. Look out the window at the wind and rain. Don’t focus on your yard but appreciate the powerful weather system. Sometimes, I get mesmerized by the wind moving things around. Thankfully, I am not one of those things being thrown about.

4. Take a nap. If you are like me which it sounds like you are then neither of us rests much while out and about. Take a load off. I like to borrow mommy’s sleep mask and put it over my eyes so I have complete peace while sleeping.

You may resent the stormy days but I have found they come around just when I need a change for pace.











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25 thoughts on “Ruby the Irish Setter: What are some fun things I can do on a stormy day?

  1. DiDi – what creative advice for Ruby. It is the pits when you hounds can’t go outside. Cooking is the absolute favourite here and the ingredients can be an issue πŸ˜‰ Having company, be it a dog or a boring human can make all the difference πŸ˜€

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