Maximus the Mixed Breed Dog: I’m talking but no one is listening! How can I change this?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I love to talk. In fact, I think I have an excellent vocabulary and can add a lot to a conversation.

When the humans gather and start moving their mouths so do I. It would be rude not to participate in the discussion. I make sure not to bark as I have learned that a bark can clear a room out faster than I can eat a treat. However, I do talk.

I must admit that my conversational voice does sound like a rambling cat with a pitch problem but I can’t help that. Quality ideas emanate from my mouth even if they sound strange.

The humans just laugh at me, carry on talking to each other and eventually ask me to be quiet. How frustrating!

To be a part of the discussion, I have tried changing my seat hoping that viewing me from a different spot will make them forget my funny voice. Also, I make sure to chew on a dental bone so my breath is fresh for the conversation.

None of this matters. They still laugh at me and don’t listen to my thoughts. How do I change this?

-Maximus the Mixed Breed Dog

Howl Maximus,

Whether you are a dog or human, many beings are not taken seriously and listened to. This is a rude part of our world. We believe that every voice counts even if you sound like a cat.

If the accounts below regarding our experiences with conversation don’t help, then remember you can always start your own blog.

Bella: Even though I have an airy voice that works well in conversations, I tend to squeak when talking. If the humans don’t want me around while I’m speaking then I go to the toy basket and chat with my plush toys. They always listen.

However, I always reappear when the humans are in conversation and add my opinion. I am very knowledgeable about politics, law and manners at the dinner table. Sometimes taking a break in the conversation creates the perfect opening for you to be heard.

DiDi: I have a very deep voice. I can’t help it. My humans like to do impressions of my rich voice when they talk to me. They think they are funny so I let them have their moment.

Because I sound like Baritone, it is easy for me to be heard. However, the humans say I’m too loud (it is always something). Because I feel my speaking time is limited I have learned to get my point across in short yet crisp sentences. This always seems to work.

Also, I take short breaks to fill my lungs with air but I don’t stop talking until I am done. I figure the humans will want to know that I found a Raccoon in the yard and that I broke up with my boyfriend.

Whether you sound like a pip-squeak like Bella or a lumberjack like me, remember that a worthwhile discussion includes many different voices.


Bella and DiDi
















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19 thoughts on “Maximus the Mixed Breed Dog: I’m talking but no one is listening! How can I change this?

  1. Mumsy listens to me but sometimes she can’t understand what I am telling her. She understands my sign language better than my talking. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. I am very lucky, SHE listens to me when I “talk”…however, when I talk in the car, SHE tells me to stop, that I’m hurting HER ears. For some reason, when I talk in the car my voice is louder and more high pitched. I need to figure out how to speak like DiDi, like a lumberjack! BOL

  3. So much can be learned if we humans practiced listening more!!! Why is it that when your mouth is open your ears are closed??? You poodles have discussed another great topic and in typical fashion have given some sage advice. I hope Maximus finds an audience!

  4. We always listen to dogs when they talk. Sadly we don’t understand everything they say 😦 A talking dog is so much more interesting than a barking dog! Good luck dear hound in persuading someone to listen 😉

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