Anonymous Human: Why is my dog reverting back to his old puppy habits?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I have a black, furry, dog beast. We recently moved to a new house and all of a sudden my housebroken dog is peeing inside every other day.

I know it’s probably because he wants to mark his place but he stopped peeing inside four months ago when he completed puppy training. Why is he going back?
What should I do to keep him from peeing?
And lastly, are you girls looking for a black, furry roommate? Thanks for your help.

-Anonymous Human

Howl Human,

We sense your frustration. Who wants to make progress and then go backwards? Although, sometimes it is fun to run backwards. It is a good thigh workout.

For a moment, forget about the frustration and put yourself in your dog’s fur. He is probably scared about being in a new place. The floors, yard and hiding places are all different.

We think that he is trying to make this new home his territory but he could also be acting out against the change. We hate to admit it but we act out sometimes when things aren’t how we like them.

For instance, our mommy bought us new beds because our old ones were “disgusting.” No one asked her to change our beds. We were comforted each night by the “disgusting” scents on the beds. When she took them away, we refused to sleep on the new beds. Instead we slept on the living room couches for a while before giving the new beds a chance.

During this time of transition, be sure the dog gets enough exercise. When tired, we have no energy for mischief. Also, when you go to work or run errands, leave him in a penned off area. He will not pee in his area. Trust us, we would rather cuddle with a squirrel than have a messy environment.

The most important thing is to just be patient and loving. Your dog can visit anytime but our inn is full. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Bella and DiDi
















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15 thoughts on “Anonymous Human: Why is my dog reverting back to his old puppy habits?

  1. I’m sure Doggy will settle soon 😉 And no, he isn’t coming to stay here!!!! I’ve just trained Raffie not to pee in the bed or the floor – yuck! Puppies…….

  2. Hey Bella and DiDi,

    I have a teeny bit of experience in this area – I was all house trained and then I went to stay next door a few times with my buddy Cosmo and his family – suddenly I felt the need to pee on their carpet – obviously my family were mortified, but they finally realized that I could smell where Cosmo many moons ago had peed on the carpet (yep, they’d had it cleaned, but I’m a Dog with super smell detection) – I wanted to feel at ease in his house – eventually I got over it and it’s a distant memory – I’m sure it will be the same for Anonymous’s Dog too once they’re all settled! 🙂

    Good luck,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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