Debbie the Beagle: I resolved a big argument and feel peace. My exclusive advice interview with Bella and DiDi.

                                              Debbie the Beagle


A few weeks ago, a lovely dog named Debbie wrote to us about a fight she was having with her close friend Lexi. To Debbie’s horror, Lexi had passed around a false rumor to their friends.

This week, we spoke to Debbie over the phone to see how things were going. Here is our interview.


Bella and DiDi: Hi Debbie! Can you hear us?

Debbie: Yes, I can.

Bella and DiDi: Excellent. We sometimes have trouble getting good reception in the yard. So what is going on with you and Lexi?

Debbie: After chewing a whole rawhide bone, I felt calmer. I spoke to Lexi and told her how upset she made me.Lexi felt awful and now understands my feelings better.

Then I did as you recommended and took the anger muzzle (contraption that ruins your communication and food intake while angry) off my snout which allowed me to be my normal self again.

Bella and DiDi: Good job removing the anger muzzle! It would have just tightened and made you uncomfortable had you not resolved your issue with Lexi. It is always best to keep your mouth free in case the humans drop food on the floor.

The way you let go of the anger sounded like it was easy. Was it?

Debbie: It’s not that simple. I made a decision to resolve things with Lexi but it took a little more time for things to go back to normal.

Bella and DiDi: That makes sense. Sometimes you have to let the anger leave your body slowly. We think it stays around to teach us something. Or maybe it just likes being near a furry body?

Debbie: I think the anger liked my multi-colored coat. However, it did teach me that I don’t want it to visit often. I also truly discovered what peace is. That is how I felt after resolving things with my good friend Lexi.

Bella and DiDi: We love feeling peace. When the humans are safely tucked into bed, and the breeze from outside creeps through the window and blows through our fur, we feel peace. It is a wonderful thing.

We are so glad you are doing better. Do you have any final thoughts?

Debbie: It is okay to be angry but at some point you have to resolve the problem. This takes both involved parties to sit down and communicate. Never get stuck wearing the anger muzzle.

Bella and DiDi: We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Be well Debbie!

Debbie: Thanks Bella and DiDi.



Bella and DiDi
















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16 thoughts on “Debbie the Beagle: I resolved a big argument and feel peace. My exclusive advice interview with Bella and DiDi.

  1. Bella and DiDi, how lovely that Debbie has resolved her situation! I loved reading this interview and have to commend you on your clever choice of questions! Kudos to the both of you and to Debbie for talking about her feelings. 🙂

  2. Such a wonderful piece! Debbie- you are a wise and beautiful dog. Bella and Didi-your gems of wisdom are priceless and heartfelt. You make so much sense – this is worth reading over and over again. Three paws up! Dont fall over!

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