Gus the Bulldog: What do women really want?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I just got dumped by my girlfriend. I am so confused. Just a few weeks ago, she told me that she wanted a tough guy. Admittedly, I am not really a tough guy at heart but knew how to beef (yum) up my manliness.

I worked out more, spent less time cuddling with her and exchanged all my plush toys for rawhide bones.

One night while we were out with friends, I made sure everyone knew she was mine. I clinched her collar with my teeth and led her to our next hang out destination. I felt guilty about doing this but I thought she was impressed with my manly domination.

A week later, she left me, saying that her needs weren’t being met. She wanted someone more sensitive. Why didn’t she see that I am truly a sensitive guy and that I only became more macho for her? What do women really in a man?

-Gus the Bulldog

Howl Gus,

See three different answers below. One each from Bella, DiDi and our Poodle nephew Toby.


Bella: I think women want a smart, funny and athletic man who has most of his fur still intact. Personally, if he knows how to play a good game  fetch that is a bonus. I think when men act macho they are hiding something.




DiDi: I want a man who can play all day. Tug of war, fetch and hide and seek. You name it! If it is a fun game let’s play. Also, he has to be comfortable hiding in the bushes with me as that is one of my favorite things to do. If a man is willing to have fun day after day then he is perfect or me.



Toby: In my experience, women want the sweet guy. Sometimes they lose their minds and think the macho guy is better. Usually, women come back later for the nice guy.

They want an adorable face that will listen to them and give kisses. I have been blessed with a precious face, toned body and glorious fur coat so I am ahead of the game.

However, I believe every guy is able to be sweet even if they have a beefy look. Then again, what do I know? I’m just a man.


Bella, DiDi and Toby

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24 thoughts on “Gus the Bulldog: What do women really want?

  1. Loved all the points of view Gus! No shortage on good advice. Maybe it is time to consider what YOU want Gus. If you are happy then you will make a future partner happy! Good Luck Gus.

  2. Hi Gus! I’m sorry you’re girlfriend was so weird. It sounds like you need a nicer one who doesn’t change her mind so much.

    My mom says I am too young to date, so I don’t know much about girls yet. But I do know that mom loves my dad because he is very sweet to her and he says things that make her laugh a lot. And sometimes he brings her treats. So maybe save some treats to give to your next girlfriend too.

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