Tara the Human: I need a makeover. Do you have any tips?

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am feeling very blah. I think it is time to makeover my style but I not sure how. Also, I don’t have endless amounts of money to pull this off. Do you have any tips?

-Tara the Human

Howl Tara,

Sometimes we all need a bit of a makeover. There is no shame in admitting it. Obviously, we both have different opinions on how to make yourself over, so see our individual suggestions below.


-Get a haircut. I find when my fur is in place that I feel better about myself.

-Accessorize. Pick out a nice scarf or pair of earrings that won’t break your bone bank. I love to wear my Halloween scarf. It makes me feel festive and garners a lot of attention from my friends since I wear it the whole month of October.

-Do something unexpected. I believe a makeover isn’t just about physical appearance but should involve a new life experience. Talk to someone who you would never socialize with. Go to a new place. I travel occasionally to New York City to visit my youngest human sister. I find my time in the city reinvigorates me.


-Roll in some mud. Not only is it good for your fur and skin but doing this will provide you with some perspective. Sometimes a good face-plant in the mud is all one needs to get out of a rut.

-Pick out a nice leaf or flower for your fur. Make sure this piece of nature is perfectly positioned in your fur so it can be adorned. What a beautiful look you will achieve with this!

-Hug someone. If you feel blah then you are may be disconnected from those you love. I am a professional hugger and can tell you a good hug always makes me feel happy. Reach those paws out for an embrace.


Bella and DiDi
















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25 thoughts on “Tara the Human: I need a makeover. Do you have any tips?

  1. We have to go with DiDi’s advice on this one. Our hair is too short to get a haircut, we love hugs and rolling in the mud is just amazing! hugs and nose kisses

  2. Tara, you should look for youtube-tutorials, … maybe you didn’t find what you want, but you will look totally different behind and you get a lot of attention, if all people ask: what’s happened…

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