Debbie the Beagle: Is it worth the fight?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My good friend Lexi and I are in a fight. She told our group of friends that I had no interest in participating in our annual neighborhood party. Lexi wasn’t trying to be mean when she said this statement but was misinformed.

I always planned on being a part of this year’s party as it is such an important social event. Lexi heard a rumor and spread it as the truth.

When my friends asked me why I wouldn’t be at the party, I was perplexed. I confronted Lexi and she explained the mishap. However, I am so angry that someone would speak for me.

I am a very independent canine and like to use my own voice.

Lexi doesn’t seem to understand this about me, otherwise we wouldn’t be in a fight. I get so frustrated when I think of the situation but I do miss spending drama-free time with Lexi. Is this a fight worth carrying on?

-Debbie the Beagle

Howl Debbie,

We’re so sorry someone stole your voice. That must have been very inconvenient when you needed to bark. How frustrating!

We can understand why you are so mad. No one likes to be misunderstood or have words put in their mouth (although you can put treats in our mouth anytime).

At some point, the anger you are feeling will lose its purpose and start to eat away at you. Instead of enjoying your friends, the yard, toys and your humans, bitterness could take over you.

Make it known one last time that all matters concerning you should be run by you and then let it go. Throw a toy around just to make sure you get that last bit of madness out. Trust us that you will feel better once this whole situation is over.

It is bad enough losing your voice but don’t get stuck wearing an anger muzzle.


Bella and DiDi
















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21 thoughts on “Debbie the Beagle: Is it worth the fight?

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  2. Bella and DiDi, you ladies are so wise! It’s never good to hang on to anger. It can fester and then it gets worse. I think you gave Debbie good ideas regarding how to channel her anger in positive ways! Well done! 🙂

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