Byron the Boxer: I need some new pick-up lines. Can you help?

Dear Paws to Talk,

After the end of a long relationship,I have recently entered the dating scene again. My skills are rusty to say the least.

The hardest part is starting a conversation with a female I am interested in. I stand there in front of this woman like I have a giant chew toy in my mouth preventing me from speaking.

Can you suggest some pick-up lines I can use to end my chew toy mouth?

-Byron the Boxer

Howl Byron,

It’s Toby the Poodle here. Bella and DiDi thought this was a letter that deserved a man’s response. I agree.

In my experience (trust me you want my experience because the females flock to me), it is best to start a natural conversation. For instance, when you find yourself walking next to a female in the park or encountering one in the pet store, this is a good time for a chat.

Women don’t like to feel awkward or nervous while you have chew toy mouth. On the other paw, an ambush with stupid pick-up lines won’t do either.

Please see below my most successful conversation starters.

“Would you like to share this half-eaten sandwich I just snagged from the trash?”

“Did you just get a fur trim? Your coat has the perfect amount of fluffiness.”

“Your human(s) are very well-mannered. You did a good job training them.”

“You must have picked out that collar you are wearing because it is very stylish.”

“I know a great place where they give out treat samples. Would you like to join me there sometime?”

“Is it okay if I say hello?” Then sniff the behind.

“That dental bone you chew is working wonders because I can see my reflection in your teeth.”

I hope these gems help you land some wonderful females.









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24 thoughts on “Byron the Boxer: I need some new pick-up lines. Can you help?

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  2. Yay for Toby and his advices.
    I personally liked this one: “Would you like to share this half-eaten sandwich I just snagged from the trash?”
    It could work for humans too, I can picture myself using it, if you don’t get a slap you’ll get a smile, you gotta risk it.

  3. Oh that’s so funny. Buddy says things like, “How on Earth did they put those bootiful stars in your eyes?” or “Would you kiss my paw better because I just hurt myself when I ‘fell’ in love with you.” Each of these is accompanied with a smoldering smile. Not the most subtle but there you go!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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