Fritz the Dog: I love treats! How do I get more?

Dear Paws to Talk,

What else can I say besides the fact that I love treats. My favorite are the cookies in the shape of a bone. Scrumptious!

The humans give me a couple throughout the course of the day but I want more! What can I do to increase my treat intake?

-Fritz the Dog

Howl Fritz,

You asked the question that everyone in the world wants to know. Whether it is a dog treat or fancy steak dinner, all beings like a tasty reward for hard work or good behavior.

For us dogs, it can be a little tricky to earn that extra treat because we can’t drive to the pet store and buy more. We are dependent on the humans for our treats (If anyone knows a way to get treats without the humans, send us an urgent message).

Your desire for more treats is understandable but that doesn’t mean you necessarily deserve them at this point. A treat has to be earned.

We suggest brushing up on all those tricks you might have learned as a puppy such as sit, roll over and shake paw. Impress your humans and show them you were paying attention when they made you learn these things.

Also, talk to friends or do some reading so you can learn new tricks. When your humans least expect it, demonstrate your new skill. Perhaps, a circus dog trick involving a hulaΒ hoop would get the job done.

Finally, be as cute as you can. Wear your sad face. Curl up into a little ball when you take a nap. Adorably offer to snuggle with your humans. They won’t be able to resist giving you more treats.

With more effort you’ll be sinking your teeth into some tasty rewards. What do you do to earn more treats?


Bella and DiDi
















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27 thoughts on “Fritz the Dog: I love treats! How do I get more?

  1. well, errrrr..ummm..I don’t care for treats, so I try to play lots with Mom ‘cuz then she will give me some of my fave food…my prescription hard food…I am totally in luv with that kibble…yummm, paw pats, Savannah

  2. I do lots of things deserving of treats but…sometimes I get hugs, belly rubs or pats as instead of cookies. Mumsy says I will get too round if she gave me a cookie every time I did something deserving of a reward. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. We do give in to our hounds if they are particularly good (ie don’t chase the kitten up a tree or under the cooker) but the extra treat ration is taken out of the daily food total 😦

  4. I come over to my person and jump up and down and bug her. The only way she can get me to quit is to give me a treat. Actually I get to go outside first – and then I get a treat. If I don’t get one at first I give her the sad face.

  5. Great advice, girls! All of those strategies work very well for me. So well that I gained a pound and a half. Now I’m on treat restriction and NOTHING is working. *slurp drool*

    Love and licks,

  6. I do my prettiest sit with my most intent expression. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes they will ask me to do something like “shake hands” and then they will give me a treat.

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