Lady the Scottish Terrier: I wish I had a beautiful singing voice.

Dear Paws to Talk,

I love to sing! I feel a sense of contentment that I can’t bark into words when I do it. Although, I must admit the sound I make while singing can send humans and animals running.

One of my friends told me when I sing, I sound like a bunch of female cats in heat. My humans try to stop my from singing because they worry it might annoy our neighbors. I feel oppressed.

I wish I had a beautiful voice so I could sing all day without any problems. Maybe then everyone would gather around me as I sang instead of fleeing? Should I still sing even though I don’t have a pretty voice?

-Lady the Scottish Terrier

Howl Lady,

I wish my fur coat wasn’t turning grey but sometimes we don’t get everything we want in life. Nonetheless, I don’t stop showing it off when I am out and about. We have to work with what we were given.

In my opinion, you should sing until the area just below your collar is content. Some beings like singing while they are in the bath or shower. Why don’t you make that a new singing venue?

Ignore those that don’t think you have a beautiful singing voice. Not all of us were meant to sing opera.

If you keep singing, maybe you will eventually find your perfect pitch? Those crowds may indeed flock to hear you. However, if you remain off-key with no audience it is fine just as long as you enjoyed yourself.

The only being you have to satisfy is you.











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21 thoughts on “Lady the Scottish Terrier: I wish I had a beautiful singing voice.

  1. One way Lady could practice her singing would be to sing along to ambulances as they go past. Nobody will hear your singing but you and when you’ve ready, you can test your voice on your humans. (we speak from experience, our two dogs howl at the sirens – it’s the only time they ever do sing)

  2. My schnauzer “sings” like a beagle. Pretty cool! Would you two like to give us a Post on the new family member? Don’t you have a buff or red poodles in the family now?

    • We wish we could hear you Schnauzer sing 🙂 Yes, we would be happy to give you an update post on Toby! Look for it soon.

      The humans think he is a cross between a white and apricot poodle. He is sort of cream with apricot touches 🙂

  3. I feel you!!! Ohh and how I do.
    One of my greatest frustrations is not being able to sing, to sing like an angel (not that I’ve ever heard one singing), I would love to sing opera and just to make it harder be a soprano (which for a man is physically impossible lol). But I sing, I do not care, I sing. So you keep singing there’s no yet a law to keep you from doing it and it’s also free, so sing!!!

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