Ben the Mixed Breed Dog: I love nighttime but my humans don’t. How can I change this?

Dear Paws to Talk,

Just as the sun starts to go down, I feel myself come alive. When the humans let me out before bedtime, I soak in the wonderful scents and happenings of the night. Also, I howl at the moon and all my friends in the neighborhood. I love this time.

However, the humans don’t let me enjoy the night. Just as I am starting to have fun, they come out to the yard dressed in their pajamas and force me back inside the house. Then they go to bed and expect me to do the same.

Is there anyway I can make them into nighttime humans?

-BenΒ the Mixed Breed Dog

Howl Ben,

You are my kind of dog! I do exactly the same thing once the sun goes down. Bella doesn’t understand why I do this so when I saw your letter I snagged it away from her. She puts herself to bed so early while I am outside living life to the fullest. Don’t ask me why.

For starters, training humans is no small task. This requires years of hard work and reinforcement. They can be very stubborn during the training period.

It may be as tough as rawhide to have your humans embrace the night like you do. However, don’t let this get you down.

My humans think they have a bedtime set for me. I let them have that thought. Meanwhile, as soon as I am done savoring my dinner kibble I head for the yard. After dinner, the humans will often let me stay outside for a good amount of time. I make sure to say hello to all the night animals while I am out. Even if the moon is partially showing, I howl at it. Take advantage of the night moments you do have.

When the humans bring me inside (usually they have to find me in one of the bushes) for bed, I still can experience the night. They think I am asleep but I am by the window looking out onto the yard. Even though I am not outside, I am a part of the night.

Don’t let anything stop you from experiencing your favorite part of the day. Especially, some humans wearing pajamas.












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19 thoughts on “Ben the Mixed Breed Dog: I love nighttime but my humans don’t. How can I change this?

  1. I love the night, too. So many smells come up out of the ground and the cars on the street are quiet, so I can hear better. That’s also when a lot of the invading critters come out. I do my best ratting and skunking after dark. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m not so sure I like this advice. Oh, well. As long as my Henry isn’t aware. If you ask me, dogs should be in sync with their owners sleep habits, just as I am with Henry’s. Everytime he naps during the day, I get sleepy and doze off beside him, which is a rather tricky thing to do when I’m at work. πŸ˜‰

  3. I think this is good advice. I’m afraid of the dark, so this whole problem is off my radar. Sometimes when Mom takes me out at night, I hang back trying to feel and sniff for danger. Once she accidentally closed my tail in the door because I was afraid to come all the way out. Stay safe.

    Love and licks,

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