Bella and DiDi: Surprise!


We promise to get back to our regularly scheduled advice blogging tomorrow. However, sometimes you wake up, eat your kibble and have no idea what the day will bring. Today is one of those days.

Our human sister has been looking to adopt a Poodle for a while now. Well, today she got the call that her application was approved for Toby the Poodle. Off she went to the shelter and we are proud to announce we have a fabulous new member of our family!

                                                    Welcome Toby!

Our paws are full today as we make sure Toby knows all that he needs to know. It is essential that he can earn treats, train the humans and utilize their couches and beds for maximum comfort.

Okay, we have to get back to work. See you tomorrow!


Bella and DiDi
















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41 thoughts on “Bella and DiDi: Surprise!

    • Hello! Toby is doing very well! He has settled very well into his new home. We are making sure he knows everything he needs to know 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Bella and DiDi

      • Thank you! I hope that Toby and all of you are rested and doing well 😀 I’ve stopped blogging. Won’t have enough time to devote to DMP for a long time. Always so much to do, isn’t there? But I’ll drop by at least once a week to read your page ( you are one of my favorites 😉 ). 😀
        Take care !

      • Hi Ann,

        Toby is doing very well! Thanks for the kind wishes. We’re sorry to hear that you have stopped blogging but we understand how much time it does take. We’re also sorry we have been so absent in visiting your page. The humans took us on vacation and then we had to make sure Toby was properly trained.

        Thanks for always being such a great support to us! Talk to you soon.

        Bella and DiDi

  1. What a handsome boy sweet Toby is. Congratulations! We know you are a lucky one sweet Toby and have a wonderful, loving forever home. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about you. Hugs and nose kisses

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