Rigby the St. Bernard: Yawn! I’m bored without my humans. Can I make them stay home?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My name is Rigby and I’m a two-year-old St. Bernard. I have a loving family with a mom, a dad and two kids. It used to be that Mom and the kids would stay home while Dad went off to “work” during the day.

Now that the kids are older, they’re apparently going to “school” everyday, and Mom is hardly ever at home anymore. I get lonely with no one around.

I try to explain this to them by whining and pacing around when they’re leaving. I even tried hiding Mom’s shoes so she wouldn’t go but she just used another pair.

They leave me a few toys to play with and food to eat, but it gets really boring being alone. What can I do to show my family that they should stay home with me instead of always leaving! Any ideas?

-Rigby the St. Bernard

Howl Rigby,

We wish we could come visit you for a play session! You probably wouldn’t be bored anymore. We are serious about play.

There are probably a couple of reasons why your humans are now leaving you during the day. First of all, most humans are required to go to work or school. Someone made this rule a long time ago.

Secondly, you are not a puppy anymore so your humans trust you to guard the house while they are gone.

We say this with love but there is nothing you can do to stop them from leaving. They will tend to their tasks outside of the house no matter how loud you whine.

Don’t panic though! After all, you are now an adult. This is a whole new chapter in your life.

Instead yawning the day away, stand up and explore your house. If you want to jump on a bed, do it. If you want to open the pantry and have a snack, do it. You have been there for a couple of years so take ownership of the place while your humans are gone.

If you really crave some company then invite your neighbors over. Engage them in a fabulous tug of war game or just have a nice chat.

Your humans will be home before you know it (make sure you close that pantry door before they enter the house).

You don’t have to feel bored when freedom is present.


Bella and DiDi















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11 thoughts on “Rigby the St. Bernard: Yawn! I’m bored without my humans. Can I make them stay home?

  1. Well my St Bernard puppy is turning 2 in 3 days and his name is Rigby. I Just found this posting and its so cute . My Rigby only has 1 eye that is covered in a mask

  2. If anyone ever finds out how to do that Chancy would love to know. He would never let me leave the house if he knew though so please don’t tell him if you do know. We think sweet DiDi and sweet Bella have given great advice as always. hugs and nose kisses

  3. I would also recommend that Rigby make the most out of the time that the humans are home, be playful and toss toys at them so they will get the hint that you want some fun time!

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