Hattie the Maltese: My sister is always taking my stuff without asking. Help!

I’m smiling now but if you wear my new collar without asking me you’re going to be in big trouble.


Dear Paws to Talk,

I have a younger sister named Lola. I love her but she is always borrowing my toys and clothes without asking. Also, she eats kibble out of my bowl.

I have barked in her ear about my dissatisfaction with her behavior but that doesn’t seem to be helping. I don’t mind sharing but it would be nice if Lola would ask before she uses or eats something that belongs to me. 

You are sisters. Does this happen in your house? How do you cope?

-Hattie the Maltese


Howl Hattie,

You are not alone. This absolutely happens in our house. We think it is a part of being siblings.

We each have a different point of view on this topic. See our responses separately below.

Bella: Hattie I think because we are the older siblings we bear more of the burden when it comes to dealing with the younger ones. We are expected to teach them how to behave, give them love and of course see them through their growing pains.

Because we give so much, they get used to taking so much. My bed and kibble bowl might as well have “DiDi” stamped on them. She is always in my business.

It is annoying but it is also an honor. We have bonded in a way that no one else can understand.

However, don’t let this sweet sentiment lull you into submission. Keep telling Lola to ask before putting her paws on your stuff. You might want to tell her that the treat fairies often don’t visit dogs who steal. This may solve your problem right away.

DiDi: No offense Hattie but I think older siblings can get their fur tied up in knots over little things. Bella gets upset when I eat out of her kibble dish but she is forgetting that she can eat out of my dish. It is not like I am eating all the kibble at once. Although, that is a good thing to try one day when I’m really mad at her.

Lola probably likes your style which is why she wears your clothes. Try to see it as a compliment. If she leaves you standing naked with no collars or clothes then it is time to be furious.

It is proper to ask permission but I admit that I am not always proper. I agree with Bella (Did I just write that?) in that you should keep telling Lola how you feel about her taking your things. If she doesn’t listen then get your shovel out and start hiding your prized possessions.

Does anyone else out there have this problem with siblings? Tell us how you deal with it.


Bella and DiDi
















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18 thoughts on “Hattie the Maltese: My sister is always taking my stuff without asking. Help!

  1. Patches, our granny kitty always drinks from my water bowl. I didn’t like it at first but I decided I would eat while she gets her fill of water then I drink. It works out real well so far. Mumsy is proud of me for not fussing at Patches. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Hattie,

    It may be tiresome to share all the time, but it must also be awesome to have a sister that you live with!! I’m an only Dog!! When I have Doggie (and Children) friends over to play I’m only too happy to let them share everything of mine – Yes, I even let my buddy Cosmo play with my bone – we kind of make that into a game and the moment it’s free the other one sneaks in to get it!! Tee Hee

    So, what I’m saying is as tough as it may seem to share, focus on the fact you have a buddy to play with all the time – you’re a very lucky Doggie!! 🙂

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  3. uummm never had that problem…except in the shelter…and I was so scared…I just stayed in my hide ut cubby rather than share with all my other roomies…I became depressed..withdrawn…and developed a bad bladder infection ‘cuz I did not come out to use the litter box regularyl and even if I did…no one noticed…they were so attracted to the ‘social’ kittehs…just sayin’…don’t make assumptions about what we cats do because it is what the peeps feel, do

  4. Buddy and Bingo have never had this issue. They have a bond which is so tight that Buddy will bring pieces of food and veggies to Bingo when he is ill. Nibbles and Nutty on the otherhand are always squabbling and saying that the other has done something without asking.

    Whee think everyone should care and share . . . Right now whee are goong to rumblestrut and do something naughty so whee don’t seem like completely hippy flower power piggies!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  5. I have that problem!!! My kitty brother will only drink out of MY water bowl and not his own!! It drives me crazy! I don’t want “rabbit-flavored” water!
    I can’t “return the favor” because his bowl is safely baby-gated in the kitchen!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  6. As the older sister, I had this experience growing up, too. My little sister would take my stuff without asking, and it was ANNOYING! That was a llloooooonnnngggggg time ago. Eventually, she grew out of it! 😉

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