Rex the Yellow Lab: How do I feel happy?


Dear Paws to Talk,

I have been feeling kind of blue lately. I am not sure why because I have nice humans, enough kibble and a full water bowl. I want to be happier. What makes you happy?

-Rex the Yellow Labrador Retriever

Howl Rex,

It sounds like your basic needs have been met which is good. However, the thrill of seeing kibble in your bowl wears off after a while. You need to find an activity or interest that you love.  See our thoughts below on what makes each of us happy.

DiDi: I love to patrol our yard at night. I live to protect my family. I like keeping the squirrels of my property so I spend a lot of time chasing them away. I can be fierce when defending my yard.

Bella: I love to carry toys in my mouth for a really long time. It is comforting to me and always entertains the humans. Hours will pass and I will still have a soggy toy in mouth. I don’t care what others think about this because I am enjoying myself.

Rex what do you like to do besides eat, poop and sleep? Maybe you like to play ball?  Do you feel pride when guarding your house?  Do you like socializing with other dogs in the neighborhood? Just see what makes you happy over time. By having a purpose each day you’ll become less blue and more the color of your yellow fur.


Bella and DiDi

22 thoughts on “Rex the Yellow Lab: How do I feel happy?

  1. Hi Bella and Didi I am Sasha. I read about you on my pal Oskars blog. You are both very interesting and I am hoping we can be pals now. Please come and visit me. I am a shih tzu and I was rescued from a bad situation and now have a wonderful furever home.

    Loveys Sasha

  2. You are indeed a wise pair, and being a wise Tibbie myself I recognise wisdom in others 🙂
    Beloved however, is not so wise. For some reason she is unable to like your posts and is finding it quite annoying (she has that same problem with a couple of blogs), I have suggested she carry a toy in her mouth for a while but I don’t think she is very open to suggestions.

    • Thank you Zac. We’re sorry your Beloved is having a problem liking our posts. Let us know if she has continued problems with our site and if she starts carrying a toy around 🙂

  3. That’s so true, Bella and DiDi and Rex. Having a purpose can make a dog feel happy and important. That’s why Mom got me a job working at the VA Home as a therapy dog. I needed something to do besides running around like a nut.

    Love and licks,

  4. Such great advice Bella and DiDi! Ralphie likes to walk around with his stuffed-toys in his mouth too!! We find it quite cute and endearing.

    Have a great day!
    Sanna & Ralphie

  5. Came to this blog via PBU. It’s great! Didi and Bella you give very good advice, I know where I will be coming if I ever have questions, lots of love Saffy

  6. Al Rex needs it’s a hobby, try hiding valuables to make the humans crazy, just for thrill of it.
    Didi, Bella, Doggy took a bath today, his fur looks as nice as yours, sadly it won’t last.

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