Toby the Basenji: I am worried about earning enough bones. What if I run out?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My humans have told me it is not polite to discuss one’s financial situation but I need to. I earn bones for various chores I do around the house such as guarding the perimeter, chasing away squirrels  and clearing sticks from the yard.

I usually make a couple of bones a week. Sometimes I treat myself to one but most of the time I hide them in my bone vault under the deck. I don’t want to see a day without bones.

My dream is to one day have enough saved to get a doghouse of my own. However, I don’t know if I make enough bones for this to be a reality? What if the humans don’t need me to do chores anymore? How will I earn bones?

I am full of worry about this. How can I deal with my fears?

-Toby the Basenji

Howl Toby,

The discussion of currency makes many uncomfortable but we aren’t among them. While, we have most of our bones wisely invested in a diversified portfolio, we still think about them. So many beings hide their financial worries when they should air them out.

To begin with, you can’t be concerned about your future bone earnings. If the bones disappear you will deal with that then. There is no sense panicking about a bone drought if there isn’t one.

It is wonderful that you save most of your bones. This will allow you to have the freedom to buy what you want in the future. Many eat their bones the minute they receive them (we can’t blame them).

I order to quell your anxiety, we suggest you do some research. Find the doghouse that you would most like to have in your yard. See how many bones it costs and if you can pay for it in installments.

Next, enter your bone vault (drool) and see how many bones you actually have. Who knows maybe you have enough to pay for the house right now? However, it seems best to use the payment plan that way you will always have some extra bones to rely on. Who knows you might want to add a pool to the house at some point?

We hope this plan allows you to chase your worries away.


Bella and DiDi

















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24 thoughts on “Toby the Basenji: I am worried about earning enough bones. What if I run out?

    • We mostly get cookies in the shape of a bone but we do get actual bones (or ones mommy gets at the pet store) too. Either way we think *drool* is in order 🙂

      No bones for you?

  1. This is truly enlightening!!

    To start with I get a bone every few weeks, or it may even be months? AND I do lots of work in the garden, especially with those Squirrels, I even chased a Raccoon the other night – nope, no bone was handed over for that immense task!

    Secondly, I just chew on my bones and then leave them lying around, maybe mine are different to yours as they last for ages? I also share my bones with any Doggie pals who come over, it’s never occurred to me to bury them, huh?

    I’ve also never considered the Dog House thing, I kinda love my humans house and I’m really not in any hurry to move out….. I am only 2 though….

    I feel very naive!! 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Snoopy we all have different types of bones and needs. Maybe you won’t want a house of your own? That is fine. It sounds like you do a lot of work. Maybe you should consider protesting for more bones?

  2. one or two bones a week???? Ohhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy you need to have a “sit-in” til you get more bones!! I earn 7 bones a week and I won’t accept any less than that! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. I have really tried to store a bone. I buried it in what seemed like a safe place. I was so worried that somedog else would find it that I dug it back up ten minutes later and ate it.

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