Milo the Cornish Rex Cat: I reached for my dream! My exclusive advice interview with Bella and DiDi.


A couple of months ago, a very athletic feline named Milo wrote to us about his dream of jumping as a part of the United States Track and Field Team at this year’s Olympics.

Milo working on his leaping skills with the help of a few friends.

The Olympic Trials have now passed and we are curious to see if he will be soon be boarding an airplane to London!

Here is an interview we did with Milo just a couple of days ago:

Bella and DiDi: Did you make it to the Olympic Trials?

Milo: I did! After I read your advice, I trained night and day. Then I convinced my humans to take me on a road trip.

Bella and DiDi: Good for you! You are a very influential cat! How did you do?

Milo: Well, I got so exhausted after the warm-up that I was unable to go on. I didn’t actually end up competing at the trials.

Bella and DiDi: Oh my. That is terrible. There is nothing you can do when you feel that way. If you need a nap, you need a nap. How are you feeling about the experience?

Milo: I am obviously disappointed I didn’t make the team. However, I don’t regret trying to be an Olympian even though some look at me and think I am just some cat. If I hadn’t tried I would always have wondered what was possible.

Bella and DiDi: Do you think you will train for the 2016 games?

Milo: I am going to jump everyday and try to improve my skills. I’ll see how I feel in a couple of years. One thing that I realized after the trials is that as much as I want to be an Olympian that doesn’t compare to the rush I get after making a huge jump. I might be happy finishing out my career seeing what obstacles I can perform around my house and yard.

Bella and DiDi: We admire your determination and passion. We wish more beings would reach for their dreams like you did.

Milo: Thank you. I wish for that too.

Bella and DiDi: Enjoy your next jump and nap.

Milo: I will!

Bella and DiDi

















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