Champ the Briard: I feel like my fur is on fire. How do I cool off?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My yard has become very hot. The grass is not cool and the shade provides no relief. Also, my fur seems to be retaining the heat from the sun. It feels like it is on fire.

My humans say that we are experiencing a heat wave. However, I think I am sitting in a treat baking oven. How can I cool off?

-Champ the Briard

Howl Champ,

We completely understand what you are going through. Every time we step outside, it feels like our fur is getting blown dry at the grooming shop.

Both of us wonder if we have zippers for our fur coats and if we can shed them on days like this. It appears when we were made they forgot our zippers.

                                Bella: I just realized there isn’t a zipper for my coat.

                                             DiDi: What?!? We don’t have zippers?

Anyways, it is so important to stay cool on days like this. So here are some tips:

-While in your house, stand in front of a fan or air conditioning unit. Let these machines put out the fur fire.

-Dunk your face in the water bowl.

-Urge your humans to take out the yard hose and use it on you. Let them drench your fur.

-Don’t spend too much time outside or else another fur fire might start.

-Watch your local weather forecast and see when your yard will be comfortable again.

Stay cool. We’ll be thinking of you.


Bella and DiDi
















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37 thoughts on “Champ the Briard: I feel like my fur is on fire. How do I cool off?

  1. We live in Singapore and it’s summer all year round. S keeping cool is one of our priorities, Mom says. These are some of the way we fight the heat: I take my walks in the evenings so it’s cooler! And i spend my time indoors, lying on cool marble tiles most of the time (My crate is also parked in the living room). 😀 And at night, Mom leaves the fan on for me so it doesn’t get too warm 🙂 The fan also keeps the mosquitoes away! :} And i have two source of water, one’s a bottle, and another’s a bowl. :=)

  2. In Canada my little Pomeranian Noodle always retreated to the basement on hot days. Here in Mexico where there are no basements the tile floors are our only true relief from the heat… that and lots of fans! We go through a ton of water all year here at the ranch, but especially during the really hot summer months, we are sure to leave out lots of extra water each time we leave the house incase we are delayed at all in getting home. We also put water buckets out each day in safe areas for homeless animals and birds… its amazing what a little water can do!

    • Thanks for the comment! Water is everything. We don’t have tile floors. We’ll have to see if the humans have any plans to do some remodeling and add them to the house. 🙂

  3. We like to freeze our peanut butter kongs and small water bottles. We munch on the kongs and put the frozen water bottles against our bellies and backs. The fan placed in front of the air conditioning vent is like a double whammy! : )

      • Miss Stella has tons and we try to keep it under control as much as possible. Surprisingly Miss Sadie looks as if she does not have much but her coat it is very thick. Both love the frozen treats and playing with butter bowls filled with ice. Trying to pry the lids off to get to the crushed ice is always a cooling experience. : ) Hope you all are staying cool too!

  4. Great tips as usual, and whee love the pigtures of you guys . . . girls!

    One tip whee would give is; ask your hooman to freeze a nice treat in an ice cube tray, then have them put it in the freezer. Then they can give it to you when you get hot. Not only is it nice and cool but also hydrating AND yummy. They can get a bit messy though so don’t have them on your hoomans favourite rug!

    Stay safe and cool.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  5. Sweet Bella and sweet Didi it is very hot here too so we are going to remember your great tips for keeping cooler. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. You poor things, battling the heat like that with no-one having given any thought to zippers – very rude! Maybe you should ask Mom if you can come visit me – we are in winter now (not a bad one either, today was 71.6 – had to dust off a little fridge magnet temperature converter for that as we work in Celsius).

      • They are indeed. I think celebrities such as yourselves should be given first class tickets for a trip out. We have wonderful parks, many hectares, where all the dogs run and romp, off lead, playing in the fields, or damns, or river. You would have more fun than you could dream of.

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