Rocky the Puppy Dog: I get scared at night. How do I overcome my fear?

Dear Paws to Talk,

The other night I was out in the yard taking care of business before bed. Just as I was finishing up, an unidentified animal jumped out of the bushes and scared my fur off.

It gets worse, he had friends who made their entrance moments later. I don’t know who these animals are but they seem to speak a different language than I do. Also, they have large protruding front teeth.

Now, I am terrified to go out into my yard at night. How do I get rid of my fear?

-Rocky the Puppy Dog

Howl Rocky,

I am the yard expert and perform nightly patrols so Bella deferred to me on this subject. My family thinks I could work as a professional patrol dog if giving advice doesn’t pan out. I would be interested especially if I could wear a law enforcement badge around my neck.

I understand that you are a bit traumatized by seeing unwelcome creatures in your yard after hours. You are just a puppy and this is another new experience. However, you have to pull yourself together. This is your yard!  If you don’t protect it then no one will.

Additionally, carrying this fear around isn’t going to help you in any aspect of your life. Plus, as you are probably learning, pooping in the house is frowned upon universally.

It is all about your attitude. Walk tall. Start developing your outdoor voice. There is nothing to be afraid off. Trust that your humans would not put you in a yard surrounded by a pack of wolves.

If you see a creature then bark at them. Defend your territory. This will let them know you are the boss. It will also alert your humans to any mischief going on outside.

Nighttime in the yard can be glorious with the cool air, starry sky and moon. I wouldn’t want you to miss it because you are afraid.

You are braver than you think.











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35 thoughts on “Rocky the Puppy Dog: I get scared at night. How do I overcome my fear?

  1. Great advice, ladies! I have a question, I’ve been thinking of adopting a second dog, but I want a very little one who can fit nicely on my lap. Some of my friends say I should do it, others say no, because I work full time and it’s hard enough to take care of Henry. Plus, Henry may not want another dog in his home. Any suggestions for me, Bella and DiDi? Thanks!

  2. poor Rocky! He sounds like me! I got scared by a garbage truck once and I got scared by a mother goose protecting her geese and now I hate to take walks. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. Good advice you gave little Rocky we hope he heeds your words and all that fear goes away so he can enjoy night time patrol of his territory. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. I’m not afraid of anything in my yard, but my person wishes I would get wise to those black rodents with white stripes and bushy tails. Perhaps some caution is a good thing.

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