Nia the Human: The weekend got away from me.

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a busy working mother with two kids and a husband. At the end of each week, I stumble to the finish line due to exhaustion from work meetings, kid events and household chores.

I entered this past weekend determined to finish tasks that did not get accomplished during the week. Some of the things on my list were:

-Do laundry

-Pull weeds from the garden

-Grocery shopping

-Buy the kids summer clothes

-Organize everyone’s closet

-Clean my home office

Needless to say, it was a beautiful and sunny weekend so this list went out the window. I did pull some weeds from the garden but spent most of the time outside with my family. We went for ice cream and took in the summer air.

It was a glorious weekend. However, it is hard for me to get everything done during the week and now another weekend has slipped away. This morning, I feel the burden of my weekend duties that remain incomplete.  When will I find the time to get these things done? What should I do?

-Nia the Human

Howl Nia the Human,

I’m happy to hear that you had a nice weekend even though you didn’t complete your to do list. I think you did the right thing in enjoying the sensational weather with your family. It is important to keep things in order but not at the expense of your kids and husband.

My to do list doesn’t vary much from day-to-day. In fact, I have most of it memorized. Here it is:

-Act alert when Bella wakes the humans at dawn (I could sleep for a couple more hours if given the chance)

-Eat all of my breakfast

-Digest my breakfast 

-Make sure to take care of my business outside and not in the house (The humans get really mad when I confuse the carpet with the lawn)

-Patrol the yard morning, noon and night

-Love my humans and Bella every chance I get 

My list fits in organically with the activities that I enjoy doing each day. I understand that we all have things we must do in life that are not fun (it seems like laundry falls under this category) but maybe you should consider revising your list.

Can someone else do the laundry and organize the closets? You have children so give them a job to do. Isn’t that part of the reason why they are there?

Also, if you have money in your budget, hire someone to do the gardening and any other loose ends around the house.

I think the key here is to delegate parts of this list to others. You will have the piece of mind knowing that these chores are being done and that you can savor your weekends.

Of course, there are some things on your list that I recommend you do yourself such as organizing your home office. You want to make sure it is done just the way you like it. Maybe you can tackle this for a couple of hours during the week instead of saving it all for the weekend?

Finally, be sure to take your kids out shopping for new clothes. See this as a milestone you don’t want to miss. They get bigger every day and this could be a nice time to make some memories. Just don’t let them persuade you into purchasing too many collars.

I think if you split up your duties amongst the family and hired help you will breathe a lot easier. After all weekends are meant for fun. Mondays are meant for reminiscing about the weekend, not feeling guilty.











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17 thoughts on “Nia the Human: The weekend got away from me.

  1. Perhaps another approach might be to combine family time and tasks. For example, closet organizing can be combined with spending time with the closet owner; weed pulling can be a family activity as well. I always put a finite amount of time to spend on these activities, such as “let’s work in the garden for about 15 minutes,” or “let’s see how much of your closet we can organize in half an hour,” and like that. I agree with DiDi, spending time outside in the glorious weather with your family by far the best use of your time!

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