Kim the Human: My boss is a hypocrite. How am I supposed to deal with this?


Dear Paws to Talk,

I work a full-time job as a department leader for a software company. For the most part, I like my job. However, I have a difficult time communicating with my boss.

Several months ago, the boss demanded that all the department leaders have a weekly dialogue with him about the progress within each unit. However, every week, when I try to do this he brushes me off. There is always another appointment, meeting or phone call that takes precedence over our dialogue.

I have set up appointments to have these conversations but they never actually take place. Either he forgets, is playing golf or leaves the office early on a whim.

I am so frustrated that my boss won’t allow me to follow through on his request. How do I deal with this situation?

-Kim the Human

Howl Kim the Human,

We’re glad we don’t have a boss. It sounds like it can be a very dramatic and stressful situation. We don’t need any gray hairs (DiDi: Although Bella already has some). Hopefully, the snacks in the office are a bit of a consolation prize for this maddening situation.

A lot of humans, become arrogant and get too big for their collars. It seems like your boss falls under this category.

If there is one skill we have learned to perfect in our lives, it is communication. It took a little time, but we have learned to work in unison. If the two of us united as a team ask our humans for treats, we find this is much more effective than approaching them individually.

For starters, it sounds like you need to release some pent-up frustration regarding your boss. When you are at home, howl at the top of your lungs (This also might be a nice way to reconnect with the canines in your neighborhood). Let all of that anger out.

Next, don’t follow your boss’ example when leading your own department. Make sure that your fellow workers are happy. The worst thing would be if you to become unavailable for these humans.

Also, we recommend that you write out progress reports each week for your busy boss. Leave them on his desk. You will feel relieved that you have followed through on what he wanted and he will know that you are doing your job.

Some humans make promises which they have no intent on keeping. It is an ugly trait. We wish we could round these humans up, send them to a deserted island and give them a lesson on how to honor commitments. However, we are still working on the logistics for this project.

Produce your weekly reports and take care of the humans you are responsible for. The rest will work itself out.


Bella and DiDi
















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17 thoughts on “Kim the Human: My boss is a hypocrite. How am I supposed to deal with this?

  1. Hi there Paws to Talk. Love the blog and really impressed with how much knowledge dogs can have regarding the human. Thanks for liking my blog. Still new at this and figuring out how to get it read. The more the better – all helps towards shelter animals, so a big, big thanks to you

  2. I believe in CYA. Document your attempts somewhere. But don’t give him a written report. He has communicated that he no desire for reports. So quit trying to make him do something he doesn’t want to- it doesn’t make you look good.

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