Vinny the British Shorthair Cat: Why did my humans abandon me?

Dear Paws to Talk,

A couple of weeks ago, my humans took me for a car ride. At first, I was excited because I love riding in the car. I don’t get motion sickness and enjoy getting out of the house.

Partway through the ride, my humans pulled into a park with a grassy area. I was so thrilled at the prospect of playing in another yard. Then before I could purr, they opened the car door, lifted me onto the grass and sped away.

At first I thought this was a mistake. Maybe they had some errands to do and decided to leave me at the park to play in the meantime?

However, once it became dark out, I began to panic. I cried with the moon beating down on me. There wasn’t any dinner around and I missed my humans.

It has been several days and they have not come back to pick me up. I have been sleeping in a kiosk area within the park and forging for some edible food. I am a domestic cat but thankfully still have some survival instincts.

I am very upset and worried about my future. How could they leave me after two years together? Why did they abandon me?

-Vinny the British Shorthair Cat

Howl Vinny,

We feel absolutely horrible that your humans did this to you. They deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is unacceptable and infuriating.

There could be many reasons as to why your humans abandoned you. Understand, that none of them are worthwhile. Our humans have told us that right now many others are going through financial hardship. Maybe they couldn’t afford to keep you? Still, if this is the case, they should have found another home for you.

Additionally, sometimes the responsibility of owning an animal becomes too much for some humans. We’ll say it again, they should have found you another safe place to live. Abandoning an animal is not the answer to any of these problems.

You are not the cause for this situation. Even if you were running wild through their house and scratching furniture, it is not a reason for them to leave you. Your former humans are the guilty party. They will have to live with the cowardly act they committed forever.

In the meantime, we are very worried about your well-being. We suggest going to an area in the park where there are a lot of humans. Be nice to them and purr a lot. Hopefully, a compassionate one will take you in or at least take you to a local shelter where caring humans can help you. Better yet, if you know where there is a shelter or place nearby where you can get assistance then go there.

This story hurts our hearts. We’ll be thinking about. You deserve much better than this.


Bella and DiDi
















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34 thoughts on “Vinny the British Shorthair Cat: Why did my humans abandon me?

  1. My girl was abandoned and after my Taz left the world he told me about her in a dream. I wasn’t ready to take in another cat because I was so sad, but Taz knew I needed her and most important, she needed me. She is difficult at times, but my best friend and we’ve been together for 7 years now. ❤

  2. Stories like Vinny’s really upset our Mummy. She has a book being published soon about such animals. Its called Room In Your Heart. Some of the stories she heard were to upsetting to be included in it but will haunt her.

    There rescue out there fir the very purpose of to take in animals. Abandoning is just causing unneccesary suffering.


  3. A heartbreaking post, but so important to bring to everyones attention. I hope that Vinny and all abandoned animals are taken home by new loving families with compassionate souls.

  4. It never ceases to astound me how people can inflict such suffering. We found our Siamese, she was abandoned at 4months old. We took her in, that was 12years ago! There is a prison sentence if found abandoning animals In Italy now. Hope Vinny finds a good home. Julia

  5. So very sad…we send up prayers for all those that are abandoned and hope they find loving people and homes. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yesterday a friend gave me a call on my doggie cellular…she was explaining how she found a cat on the side of the street. Fleas, sores, and open cuts everywhere….I don’t know what’s going on with this world..but I don’t like it.
      I’m glad to know that we have you…who shares about WHAT IS REALLY going on in our animal world. these humans…some times…wow.

      Let’s change the animal world..together DiDi and Bella..

      • Fluffy,

        We appreciate your comment. We don’t know what is wrong with some humans. We’re ready to change the world! All animals deserve much better. Thanks for reading!

        Bella and DiDi

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