Olivia the Bullmastiff: I’m swimsuit-ready! My exclusive advice interview with Bella and DiDi.


A few weeks ago, Olivia the Bullmastiff wrote to us for some advice on how to get her body ready for the swimsuit season. After a lot of hard work, Olivia is feeling better and ready to turn heads this summer.

                  Olivia the Bullmastiff

We interviewed her about this transformation. See below.

Bella and DiDi: Olivia thanks for speaking with us. You look great!

Olivia: Thank you! I feel great!

Bella and DiDi: Tell us exactly what you did to lose those extra pounds and get toned.

Olivia: For starters, I ate only the food my humans put in my dish. No scraps or extra treats. I allowed myself to have a treat a few times a week.

Then, I made sure to follow the fitness program you suggested. I ran a lot of laps and did many Paw-Ups. Also, I stood in the Do Your Business Position for long periods of time. My legs burned but it was worth it.

In addition to that, my humans started taking me on more walks. Maybe they sensed my desire to get in shape?

Bella and DiDi: That is excellent! Was it hard to exercise almost everyday and cut back on the treats? For a lot of species, this can be a difficult thing to do.

Olivia: It was very challenging. However, I wanted to be in shape more than I wanted to eat treats. I kept that in mind when I passed by the treat jar. In my opinion, you have to allow yourself to indulge every now and then which is why I didn’t totally eliminate treats from my diet.

The exercise part was a bit easier for me because I like to be active. I enjoy breaking a sweat. Of course, I needed an extra nap here and there to recover but that wasn’t an issue.

Bella and DiDi: Did you wear a headband or any other gear while working out?

Olivia: I just wear my collar.

Bella and DiDi: We always have to wear bandanas or headbands when we work out thanks to our furry heads but we digress.

Olivia: I like headgear. It can be very stylish.

Bella and DiDi: Thank you. While as you may remember, we agreed to follow the program with you. The first week went well. However, then we became been busy with family events, day trips, taking care of humans and dispensing advice to our beloved readers. How do you suggest we stick with the program when life gets so busy?

Olivia: That is a tough question. Just know, that there will always be distractions in life. You need to schedule time to do the work out. Maybe before breakfast or in the late afternoon before dinner?

When you are at social functions, remember to eat only what you need to satisfy your bellies. You’ll get back on track. If I can do it so can you!

Bella and DiDi: Thanks Olivia. You give very strong advice. We have a workout planned for this afternoon. So what is the first swimsuit your going to wear to show off your body?

Olivia: I have a leopard print bikini that I plan on wearing later this week to a pool party my humans are hosting at our house.

Bella and DiDi: Very bold!

Olivia: I think it will turn heads.

Bella and DiDi: Do you plan on sticking to the program and maintaining your body?

Olivia: I do. I will stay fit because I feel most happy this way.

Bella and DiDi: Congratulations on your success. If you are asked to pose in a fitness magazine make sure you say your body is by Bella and DiDi.

Olivia: I will! Thanks for your help! Good luck with your workouts!

Bella and DiDi: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. Enjoy the summer.


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21 thoughts on “Olivia the Bullmastiff: I’m swimsuit-ready! My exclusive advice interview with Bella and DiDi.

      • I learned from my mother…what when teenagers say ”whatever,” they truly mean… ‘I don’t give a shoot” 😉

        GREAT post! Enjoyed it throughly!! SO FUNNY!


        Mega and Fluffy

      • Thanks Mega and Fluffy! We gave you the Versatile Blogger Award last week in our post Bella and DiDi: How do we express gratitude? We’re sorry we haven’t posted links to this yet on everyone’s pages. You deserve it! Have a good day.

        Bella and DiDi

  1. Getting in shape can be a bear, especially for a chow-hound like me. Consider jumping off and on the couch 50,000 times a day. Then do the same with the bed and the chair. That’s how I keep my girlish figure.

    Love and licks,

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