Anonymous Scottish Terrier: I got a bad haircut and am mortified. What do I do?

Dear Paws to Talk,

Last week, my humans took me to the grooming shop for my monthly haircut. Believe it or not, I actually don’t mind this and have become quite comfortable with my groomer, Rebecca. She and I have come up with a style for my fur which makes me feel good.

This time, I walked in the door and saw that Rebecca was not there. Another groomer, who shall remain nameless was going to cut my fur.

I started the experience with an open mind but was not happy with the result. The fur over my eyes was not groomed so I can’t see properly (I may need a ponytail on top of my head in order to see where I am going). Also, my undercarriage was barely trimmed so it touches the grounded when I am walking.  In addition to that, the fur on my back was cut shorter than usual.

I don’t feel comfortable with my new look and am embarrassed to go out in public. The other dogs will make fun of me. What do I do about this situation?

-Anonymous Scottish Terrier

Howl Anonymous Scottish Terrier,

This is a ghastly thing to have happen. One should always want to show off their fur. Also, you shouldn’t need a scrunchie for your fur in order to see where you are going.

We have had a couple of bad haircuts in our day. One time, the groomer didn’t get the memo that we wear puppy cuts so we ended up looking like shorn like sheep who had surrendered their coats for fabric making. It was a very cold and itchy experience. Thankfully, our humans didn’t like the look either because ever since then we have kept most of our fur.

For now, there isn’t much you can do about your new look. We suggest maybe gently bumping into some furniture so that your humans get the idea that you can’t see. Maybe they could take some scissors and trim your bangs?

Of course, you could always bark about the problem. Be very vocal for a couple of days and see if that gets you anywhere. If your humans are used to you looking a different way they might be unhappy with your new look too.

Just because you have a new do, doesn’t mean you should be self-conscious in front of your fellow canines.  A haircut does not define what kind of dog you are. Humans and animals change their looks all the time. They actually might like your new style.

We hope you can embrace your new look for the time being. If Rebecca isn’t back next month, we suggest you call a grooming hotline to get a new recommendation.


Bella and DiDi
















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20 thoughts on “Anonymous Scottish Terrier: I got a bad haircut and am mortified. What do I do?

  1. Hey there Anonymous,

    Thankfully I can’t imagine what it’s like to get your haircut as it’s something I’ve never had to endure – my breed seem to be allowed to just let their hair grow – phew!!

    As for not being able to see – that is something I can help with – my Mum uses a hair clip to keep my hair out of my face – yeah, I know, it’s not very masculine and I often get called a girl – however, it beats running into the wall which I have done a couple of times when I’ve tried to rebel about the clip – now I just suck it up!! 🙂

    Good luck buddy and I hope you didn’t have any dates coming up, it may take a while to get back to your normal stylish self 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

      • No grooming required, except nails trimmed, ears cleaned and we sometimes clip their tails a bit to even them out. We do those things ourselves. 🙂

        We had a Golden before the brown dawgs. He got a couple of really bad cuts until I found someone who really knew how to trim him.

      • The Brown Dawgs are very low maintenance. That’s nice. Our hair requires a cut every 4 weeks. It’s okay though. We work with what we’ve got. 🙂

  2. Playing blind it’s a good one. “We suggest maybe gently bumping into some furniture so that your humans get the idea that you can’t see” that’s hilarious!
    I feel it for our anonymous badly groomed terrier.

  3. Good advice and we hope Anonymous Scottish Terrier does not have too much trouble letting everyone know more grooming is needed. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Hmm, I wonder if Anonymous Scottish Terrier’s humans are happy with it – I suspect not. Perhaps they will take Anonymous Scottish Terrier to another salon to be tidied up.

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