Maria the Human: Am I too vocal?

Dear Paws to Talk,

Since I was a little girl, I have always been the most outspoken person in my family. If a child was being bullied on the playground I would tell the teacher. If I saw someone being abusive, I would call the proper authorities. If someone insulted the people I love, I would speak up. It is in my personality to vocalize a problem when I see it.

I admit that there are moments where I can get passionate says things that may be a bit dramatic. However, I usually speak my mind with diplomacy especially since I have been in the corporate world for the past few years.

Despite the fact that I am a successful adult and citizen, when I am around my family they worry that I might say too much. Even if I give an opinion sometimes I am told to stop.

I love my family and for a while they have been the ones that I count on for reality checks. Why are they censoring me? Am I too vocal?

-Maria the Human

Howl Maria the Human,

This is a very good question. We don’t bark incessantly but on certain days, it seems like our humans want us to be mute. Don’t they know that we have important things to say?

We admire you for vocalizing a problem or issue when someone else may be too afraid to do it. That makes you a unique human. If you think it is a worthwhile cause, then use your voice in a proper tone. No one will ever take you seriously if you are a yelling and swearing idiot. Save that for the Housewives reality shows.

While family is an important support system for each of us, ultimately they don’t control your behavior. Your family is probably very proud of you. When you give an opinion, they might have flashbacks to your less diplomatic days. This is their problem. Give them a firm reminder that you are a well-spoken adult with good character.

Remain vocal, especially when you see someone in need. It is easy to say nothing. Take the more challenging path. You’ll probably find that there is more satisfaction along your route.


Bella and DiDi





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17 thoughts on “Maria the Human: Am I too vocal?

  1. Hey Maria,

    It’s good to hear you speak up for those who find it harder to be heard, even if your voice isn’t always welcomed 🙂

    I always starting running around the house (and sometimes bark) when I hear my buddy Cosmo next door barking – however, Mum says he isn’t in need his family has just come home and I should relax, it’s not easy working out when to speak!!

    Hope you’re having a fun day 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Snoopy this is very true. We have the same problem. When we hear someone coming home we speak very loud. Our humans are working on us using our voices at the correct time. So now when someone comes through the door we just wiggle with excitment.

  2. Speak up, we do need people like that (and at times dogs, not when the whole building is sleeping lol). If your are harsh you can always apologize, however, you cannot go back and say what you should have, timing is key.

  3. I agree that it doesn’t make sense to allow family members to mute adults, but there may be family members who are pariticularly wise in effective communications and social interactions, and if so, their coaching may be well worth at least considering. I believe the concept of Right Speech may apply here. Family members may sometimes sense that there are times when the timing, tone, or message at that moment are unlikely to bring about the desired effect.


  4. Bella and DiDi are 100% right. Keep speaking up! That’s what I do. Every time the mailman comes and puts letters in our mailbox, I let him have it. Mom tries to silence me, but when I have something to say, I say it!

    Love and licks,

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