Our humans returned today from a weekend trip, so we are tied up giving them loves. Thankfully, our busy spring is over and we’ll be able to devote proper time to our readers. Until tomorrow, enjoy an early Paws to Talk entry.

Bella and DiDi

Paws to Talk

Dear Paws to Talk,

My humans just moved the little humans and me from a large house with rolling hills to a small city apartment with no yard. I am in shock.

In the apartment, every time I turn a corner trying to enter a new room I end up back in the room where I started. Worst of all, I had to do my business on concrete last night. There is no yard! Don’t humans know they have to give us some grass so we can find the right scent to poop on? How am I ever going to make it in this place?

-Lacey the Beagle

Howl Lacey,

I am sorry you had to leave your rolling hills but life changes all the time. So get used to it! Before DiDi was around, my humans took me to New York City for a trip. One of my little humans…

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