We’re busy weeding our yard today so here is a blog from the early days of Paws to Talk. We hope you like it.
Bella and DiDi

Paws to Talk

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a teen-aged West Highland Terrier. I have grown out of my puppy stage and am sick of my humans’ rules.  They tell me when to go lie down, when to play and when to eat. I am not a pup anymore and want more independence. Why are my humans still in charge of me?

-Lila the West Highland Terrier

Howl Lila,

Your humans aren’t in charge of you. They just think they are. If they tell you to lie down and you don’t feel like lying down then stand. We find that “Go lie down” means in human speak “I am busy so go away.” Trust us you don’t have to do everything your human says. They will still love you.

Since you are on the verge of adulthood, maybe you should learn how to amuse yourself. You’d be amazed how exciting it can…

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