Lady the Shih Tzu: Am I there yet?

Dear Paws to Talk,

My humans and I embarked on a road trip across country a couple of days ago. We started from the East Coast of the United States and are driving to the West Coast.

The first day I enjoyed being in the car with my humans and feeling the breeze run through my fur. Also, I took some good naps.

However, now I am bored. I miss my yard, neighbors and bed. To make matter worse, I can’t stop wondering why we didn’t take an airplane. When will we be there? How do I enjoy the car ride until then?

-Lady the Shih Tzu

Howl Lady,

A road trip across the country with your humans sounds like a fun summer activity but I understand why you feel restless. Maybe your humans don’t know how to make airline reservations?

I was a scholastic star at puppy school but I missed the day they taught geography. So, I am not sure how much longer you have until you reach the West Coast. It can’t be more than a few days (I think).

Nonetheless, the fact is you are in this car for at least the next couple of days so you should make the best of this time. This is a chance to get away from what you normally do with your days. So forget about home for now. Try to embrace the adventure you are on.

Open your eyes and take in the sights around you. From what I hear, you may see a lot of corn and cows. Moo at the cows as you drive by. Enjoy the fresh breeze.

At some point, you may see some mountains. Take in the beauty. You probably don’t have mountains in your yard.

You could also check out who is in the other cars on the road with you. Any cute canines you can smile at?

In no time, you will have reached your destination. The one thing my humans have told me about the West Coast is that it has a big ocean. Get your swimsuit ready for a refreshing dip.

You’re almost there (I think).











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14 thoughts on “Lady the Shih Tzu: Am I there yet?

  1. My mommy and daddy take me in the car – I get so excited, panting and whining. I just want to get out and chase those cars and trucks, especially the gardeners trucks pulling trailers. Mommy and daddy tell me I will be run over, but what does that mean to a dog who wants to chase, chase. I get to do this everyday inside a fenced in dog park. Everyone there admirers how fast I am as I patrol the perimeter,keeping those cars out of the park. My daddy says I am built like a cheetah.
    We live in Carlsbad, CA – hope you enjoy CA wherever you land.
    Happy tails,

    • Max,

      We’re glad you enjoy your car adventures! We saw the video and you are very fast! How nice that all of those people came out to watch you run.

      Our humans love California. Maybe someday we’ll go. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Woohoo Lady!! You’re coming to my part of the world – it’s great!!

    I love being in the car, but I haven’t travelled as far as you – do they have a movie player? I watch movies some of the time with the kids, that can pass a few hours – Shaggy Dog is a good movie 🙂

    Another thing I like is motorbikes, even if I’m lying down napping I always get up when I hear a motorbike go past – they’re fun to watch – do you watch them?

    I hope you get here soon buddy 🙂

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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