Buddy the Mixed Breed Dog: Is it always better to have new things?

Dear Paws to Talk,

Last week, my humans went on a rampage through our house. They replaced all of my broken in toys with new ones. The madness didn’t stop there. As I went to turn in for the night, my comfy bed was gone. In its place was a pristine one with no muddy paw prints orΒ  contoured nook like there was on my old one. I am still in shock.

I am upset that my possessions are gone because they had sentimental value to me. Last year, my humans gave me all of those things when they rescued me from a local shelter. I was attached to those things. Do humans care about sentiment? Is it always better to have new things?

-Buddy the Mixed Breed Dog

Howl Buddy,

Did your humans win the lottery and decide to spend their money on new canine supplies? If you see a large check as big as the front door on your house that might be a clue.

I believe in cherishing certain old things. For instance, I have a squeaky green sneaker that has been around for many years. I make sure to hold onto it at least once a day so the humans know it is special. That toy was passed down to me from my older brother Marty who is now in heaven. No other toy will ever be like that sneaker.

However, toys and beds can become messy. Your humans were probably just trying to upgrade your toy collection and sleeping accommodations. Humans like cleanliness.

You have every right to be sad about the loss of your sentimental items. However, what is most important is that you have humans who love you and want you to have a good life. For some reason, in their minds, that includes new gear.

It will be an adjustment but let yourself enjoy your new toys and bed. If you become attached to one particular thing then hold it close. Sentimental items are the most valuable ones.











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23 thoughts on “Buddy the Mixed Breed Dog: Is it always better to have new things?

  1. Its sad when you loose toys, my humans had to throw some of mine as they were really broken, smelly and tatty. But at the same time its great to break in the new ones. They might be even more fun, might bounce higher and might still squeak when you squeeze them. Enjoy!

  2. Oh…no… Poor Buddy… 😦 Big hugs Buddy boy.. You’ll soon grow attached to your new toys, like new furiends ❀ Mom has kept every squeakie, cushion, and bed she has ever gotten for me since i was tini wini. I even found the receipts for them in the store the other day! Sometimes, she takes them out for me to sniff and chew on. I don’t know how long she can afford to keep my supplies of squeakies, but i hope she’ll find the space as the collection expands!

    • Spencer,

      Thank you so very much! *Smiling* We appreciate the award and enjoy your blog. We look forward to properly thanking you on the blog very soon.


      Bella and DiDi

  3. I don’t know why, but this post is making me sad. I feel sorry for Buddy. He should have been allowed to keep one thing. Better yet, toss old toys gradually as they break or rip and not all at once. That would be shocking to anyone!

  4. Great advice!! It’s always good to have at least one oldie but goodie toy around mixed in with the new.

  5. Whee were really upset when Mummy stole away the cosies she had made us. Later that day whee were given white fluffy ones. Whee refused to use them. Glaring in disgust at the imposters filling the places of our beloved snuggle sacks.

    It wasn’t until our Mummy explained that whee realised that these were the same cosies, only clean!


    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  6. Well, Doggy has this blanket that he took the first night in here, that thing stinks, but he surely hold on to it, he drags it all over the house and as soon as he sees you moving it he goes and gets it. I decided to not wash it till it disintegrates.

  7. Mom does that clean sweep thing, too! I love new toys, but I am avoiding the clean, new bed. That’ll teach her! But it won’t bring back my old frayed, lopsided bed…..

    Love and licks,

  8. Hehhe We do that to Tonto because he chews big holes in things. We’ve learned to make old toys like new, like by putting his old Kong in a new sock (once he has destroyed the old one). He’s almost on his third bed in less than a year because he likes to chew holes in it and eat the cotton inside!

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