Libby the Human: My life is changing drastically. How do I deal with this?

DiDi drinking in change at the biggest water bowl she has ever seen.


Dear Paws to Talk,

I am undergoing a lot of change in my life. For starters, I am being laid off from the job that I have had for nearly three years. I gave my all to this job but I work in a finicky industry where especially in this difficult economy staff cuts are common. The people I work with are like family to me. I hope we will remain friends and some day work together again. However, I just don’t know.

On top of that, I am pursing another career path which is unchartered territory. Finally, after a traumatic end to a long-term relationship last year, I have gotten the courage to pursue someone who I truly like.

I am sad, nervous and excited about all of this change. It has been challenging to sleep through the night. I lie awake and feel anxious about all that is going on in my life.

How do I make it through this transition without so much emotion and stress?

-Libby the Human

Howl Libby,

I wish I could give you a hug. If you weren’t aware, I am known for my hugs. My paws are very therapeutic. Maybe there is a dog near you who will give you a hug?

You certainly have a lot going on but it sounds like there are some great opportunities on the horizon. In the meantime, you have to deal with the tension that is occurring with all of this change.

To begin with, cry it out. It is only normal to be sad about the ending of a work situation that became a place of comfort. You have a bond with these humans that doesn’t have to be lost.

Next, if you can afford it, go on a vacation. It sounds like you need it after all you have been through. Never compromise your health and well-being. I recommend going some place with a pool or ocean. Water seems to make everyone happy. Plus, you are never thirsty when staying by a pool or the ocean. It is like relaxing in a big water dish. Drink it in.

Lastly, know that often times change in life happens for a reason. When I was a puppy and still with my litter family, another set of humans was supposed to take me home. Something changed though and I ended up at my current home with Bella. It was all a huge adjustment. I cried a lot at night when the insomnia set in. I didn’t know where I belonged.

It turns out, the change was the best thing to happen. I love Bella, my home and my humans more than anything.

Ride this wave of change. I know it will all work out.











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15 thoughts on “Libby the Human: My life is changing drastically. How do I deal with this?

  1. The advice about getting a hug from a dog is absolutely excellent – I know it cures most problems that bipeds have. Water is also very therapeutic.

  2. DiDi, and here I thought you only gave advice to furry friends! You are wonderful and so is your advice! I love how you suggested to Libby that she go on vacation near a body of water. I find the beach and the ocean to be very therapeutic. I’m sure that if Libby can go, this will help her greatly. I also like how you told her to “cry it out.” Sometimes, shedding some tears helps us humans release tension and even toxins from our bodies! Mom must be so proud that you are so compassionate, kind, and empathic, lady! Kudos to you! 🙂

    • DiDi: Bella thank you so much for your comment. You are so kind! I am learning to expand my advice-giving skills to all beings. Bella and I are sorry we have been MIA this week and haven’t checked out your recent post(s) yet but we look forward to catching up today. Have a good week.


      • Bella and DiDi, ladies, you are welcome any time! I look forward to your visits very much! And I’m excited that you’re expanding your advice-giving skills to humans! I have a question for you: do you take questions from readers? If so, how do we go about getting that question to you? Have a great week, ladies! Kisses! 🙂

      • Hi Bella,

        We do take questions from readers! You can go to our “Ask Us a Question” tab on the home page or email us. There is an email address listed on that page.


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