Emma the Human: I am a terrible cook. Help!

Dear Paws to Talk,

I am a successful person in most aspects of my life except when it comes to preparing a tasty meal for friends and family. To help me out of this quandary, I have read many cook books and watched countless cooking shows.

However, when I am in the kitchen I still burn something, produce a bland meal or have a recipe fail. My family and dog are very disappointed in me. Do you have any suggestions as to how I can become a better cook?

-Emma the Human

Howl Emma,

You are in luck because we have been part-time Sous-Chefs since we were puppies. Our mommy and daddy are both excellent cooks and we have learned a lot by watching their technique. Not to mention the fact we have savored some nice scraps over the years (steak, fish and mashed potatoes to name a few).

Of course, being a Sous-Chef is not easy work. A lot of times you end up with food on your head instead of in your mouth. We digress. See some tips below for improving your cooking skills.

Don’t Panic

-Walk into that kitchen as if it you are the boss. Don’t let the oven, blender or chopping board intimidate you.

-If you start a recipe and chaos ensues in the kitchen just let everything simmer down. Many times we have seen our mommy, a skilled cook, burn something or let a pot overflow. It happens to the best of them.

Taste Everything

-Sink your teeth into every morsel of food that you plan on giving to your family, friends and dog.

-If it tastes bland or salty, then make adjustments. Bland means add more seasoning. Salty means add a little water. Keep sampling your creation until it sings on your palate.

Start of Simple

-While you are improving your skills, we recommend you cook easy dishes.

-Try grilling some meat and vegetables. Marinate fish in a simple dressing and then bake it in the oven. Be sure to watch the clock! No one likes burned food. Not even the dog.

The real test of culinary success is after a meal. If you have to pry your dog away from doing prewash at the dishwasher then you have made good food. Be ready to do this often. Good luck!


Bella and DiDi
















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14 thoughts on “Emma the Human: I am a terrible cook. Help!

  1. Bella and DiDi, your tips are very helpful. I would also suggest in the tasting category – to give lots of tastes to the dog while the food is cooking. It might not help the food, but would make the dog very happy!

    Love and licks,

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