DiDi the Standard Poodle: It’s my birthday!


Today is my 6th birthday! Despite a slow start, Bella has thrown me the most wonderful party.

For breakfast we had line-caught trout and asparagus risotto. After that, a bunch of our friends came over and we all indulged in a 5-tier cookie cake.

Next, the whole party took a nap on the enormous plush bed that Bella had brought in for the event. Once everyone was rested, we played fetch with a crystal-encrusted tennis ball. There was also a lot of hole digging. I worked on my favorite hole and was surprised to find my gift from Bella an inch below the surface. It was a talking hedgehog toy that said “Happy Birthday DiDi.” She knows what I like.

Then, I led everyone on a walk around the neighborhood. It was sunny so Bella made sure we all had shades to wear while walking. We looked great.

After another nap on the huge bed, we had a sit-down dinner and ate Filet Mignon, sweet potatoes and another cookie cake. Also, everyone had their own stuffed bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Thankfully, one of our neighbors is covering my patrolling duties for the night because I am exhausted. Bella made my day very special. Thanks for reading about my birthday party. Your “presents” is the only gift I really need.











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40 thoughts on “DiDi the Standard Poodle: It’s my birthday!

    • DiDi: Thanks so much Duke and Russ. Bella and I haven’t forgotten to properly thank you for the award you gave us last week. Look for a post tomorrow. Thanks again!

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  2. One more thing, looking more closely at your party picture the brown pup sitting in the front row looks just like Ms Pickles. That really tickles Ms P.

  3. It tickle3s Ms Pickles to read about your birthday.Your sister sure know how to throw a fabulous event. Here’s wishing you many, many, many wonderful years to come.

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