Bella the Standard Poodle: It’s almost DiDi’s birthday and I have a lot to do!

I’m off in a flash to work on DiDi’s birthday celebration.


This morning, I looked at the calendar and realized that Sunday is DiDi’s birthday. Anxiety started to set it because I haven’t done any planning. Usually, we make each others’ birthdays very special. Picture Mardi Gras minus the distasteful stuff.

This year, I am in a hole. Invitations haven’t been sent, gifts haven’t been bought, a cake hasn’t been made and security hasn’t been lined up for the event.

So today, I need to focus on pulling together Sunday’s celebration while DiDi is at the spa for a day of beauty. Today was my day to answer a letter but I have a lot on my kibble dish to deal with.

To make sure that our audience is getting some advice today, I am going to post an entry from our early days of blogging. We think a total of four beings including our humans read it, so it should be new to most of you.

Also, I welcome any ideas on how to throw a fabulous birthday celebration in under 48 hours. Have a good day.











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11 thoughts on “Bella the Standard Poodle: It’s almost DiDi’s birthday and I have a lot to do!

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  2. I’m no good when it comes to this. Earlier this week it was Henry’s birthday. I’d been thinking about it, counting the days. Even bought him a treat while I was vacationing in Seattle. Then, when the actual day came, I went to work and FORGOT all about his birthday! I’m awful. Arrest me! I don’t deserve such a royal dog and I’m just devastated. I begged his forgiveness but he’s not talking to me. Perhaps you can give ME some advice?? Please, Bella? I’m just so stricken with grief about this. Sob.

    • Bella: Monica don’t be so hard on yourself. Henry the royal dog knows that you love him. Pick a day to celebrate him in the same way you would have done as if it was his birthday. As you’ll see from today’s post, it all works out in the end. I hope you feel better and enjoy the rest of the weekend. *Kisses*

  3. Why not make banners out of pretty paper or even newspaper? You may need a hoomans help. You could make a crown and say that she can be queen for a day. You could get her a new food dish or decorate a old hooman bowl for her.

    Whatever you decide to do, let us know and wish her a hapoy birthday from us on her special day!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  4. How about dog-friendly cupcakes? That way DiDi and Bella can eat have the same size portion and won’t have to fight over who got the bigger slice? Hehe Also, how about a pretty new bandana (I just typed banana) for the birthday girl? Happy birthday, DiDi!!

    ❤ Tonto and Tiffany

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