Anonymous English Bulldog: I spy on my neighbors. Is this okay?

Dear Paws to Talk,

A couple of weeks ago, two humans moved in next door. They seem nice but keep to themselves. Soon after they moved in, I started spying on them. I like to know exactly who I am living near. Plus, their house has large windows so it is easy to see in.

I sit on my couch and observe them. The female stays home most of the day and likes to dance in the living room every afternoon. The male doesn’t spend much time at home. When he is there, he spends a lot of time sitting on the couch in deep thought.

I am curious to see what they will do next. Also, of course I am doing this to protect my humans. Who knows what these new neighbors could be plotting? Is it okay to keep spying?

-Anonymous English Bulldog

Howl Anonymous English Bulldog,

I am the resident spy of my house so I can answer your question. Spying falls under my patrol duties. Some have said I should help with a black operation. I am not quite sure what that means. Maybe they say this because I have black fur?

You are smart to see what these new neighbors are like. After all, you are the protector in your house. However, if you find yourself spending all day on the couch watching them, that is crossing a line.

Even though these neighbors are mysterious, they do deserve some privacy. You probably don’t enjoy it when a lot of humans or dogs watch you take care of your business (I still don’t understand why my humans watch me poop. It is not that exciting). Your neighbors might have the same feeling if they know someone is spying on them.

I suggest spying periodically. Cure your curiosity and make sure they are not plotting against your household. Human behavior can be fascinating. However, if they start taking their collars off it may be a good time to close the blinds.











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20 thoughts on “Anonymous English Bulldog: I spy on my neighbors. Is this okay?

  1. My lovely owner says: I watch Finn doing his poops so I know where it has landed, ready for picking up. The times I have seen other owners looking franticly for where the dog did it so they can pick it up. If they were watching in the first place they wouldn’t have that problem.
    I don’t think Finn minds me watching or gets embarrassed. .

  2. Spying is ok, as long you don’t have the audacity to ask about the specifics when you see the subject being spied, it happened to me, old lady asked too much, I felt naked lol.

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