Olivia the Bullmastiff: How do I get my body swimsuit-ready?

Dear Paws to Talk,

Summer is almost here and I am not ready to hit the beach or pool. I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and panicked. My legs and arms are not toned anymore and my belly is bulging.

This winter, I watched a lot of movies and ate too many treats. I am not usually in this bind. In the past, my body remained fit no matter what I did.

The worst part of being out of shape is that I feel yucky. I enjoy passing by the mirror and being proud of my reflection.

With summer coming, my body will be on display as I spend more time socializing outside. The humans have a pool in my yard and our neighbors come over often. Also, we go on vacation near the beach.

I don’t want to be embarrassed when I put my bathing suit on. What can I do to get my trim and toned figure back?

-Olivia the Bullmastiff

Howl Olivia,

Thanks for writing in. We have to admit that both of us could use a tune-up before summer too. Throughout the winter, mommy has been watching a little human at our house and he loves to feed us. We have eaten a lot of baby food and extra scraps. You are right in that the worst part of gaining weight is the yucky feeling.

Olivia, we are going to get in shape with you. However, to do that, we need a food plan and exercise plan. See our thoughts below.

Food Plan:

-Only eat the kibble in your own bowl (Bella: DiDi always has her nose in my dish). That means cut back on the scraps, cat food, human food and any other type of food.

-Allow yourself one treat per day (DiDi: If you look up the word treat in the dictionary, Bella’s face is next to the definition).

Exercise Plan:

-Run 10 laps at full speed around your yard every day. If your yard is on the small side then do 20 laps.

-The Do Your Business Position: Assume the stance like you are going to take care of your business. Stay in this position for a while. Take a rest and repeat at least twice. This will have your legs looking fabulous.

-Paw-ups: Start by standing and then placing your behind up in the air. Then push up back to standing position with your front paws. Do as many of these as you can. Your arms will look great.

Olivia we hope the plans help you to feel better. If the program gets too hard, just think of us doing it with you. You should be donning your cutest bikini with pride in a few weeks.


Bella and DiDi
















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26 thoughts on “Olivia the Bullmastiff: How do I get my body swimsuit-ready?

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  2. We once had a lady come over with her female dachschund in the hope to get mated with Doc. Well, I have never seen a dog so fat – her stomach was touching the ground and Husband told the woman off. I have worried about that dog ever since – so cruel to overfeed like that. Your advice is good.

  3. Bella and DiDi, I think with this diet and exercise plan, Olivia should be bikini-ready soon! I’m tempted to try the exercise plan myself! hee hee! Little Roxy only eats homemade food but I’m always careful to limit her consumption of treats. She only gets a couple when she’s learning a new trick. Staying fit is important in order to live a long and healthy life! Thank you, ladies! πŸ™‚

  4. hahahahahahaha
    Good one, I’ve enjoyed this post a lot lol.
    “DiDi: If you look up the word treat in the dictionary, Bella’s face is next to the definition”
    gotta love it! lol

  5. Oh how I feel your pain, Olivia. I’d better get busy with the exercise plan (but I think I’ll pass on the ‘taking care of business position’ LOL )

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