Milo the Cornish Rex Cat: I want to be an Olympian. Is this dream ridiculous?


Dear Paws To Talk,

My name is Milo and I am a young and athletic feline. Ever since I was a kitten, I have been able to leap far. My humans say I was born with springs on my paws. I spend most of my days leaping and trying to beat my own personal records. I use flower pots, deck chairs, other cats and cars as jumping markers. Each time I set a goal to leap past a marker, I do it.

I have always wanted to be an Olympian. I figure the team could use my leaping skills in the long jump event. I haven’t shared my dream with anyone because I don’t know if it is silly. After all, I am just an amateur leaper who has never competed in an event beyond my back yard. Is it ridiculous to think I could be a part of the Olympic team this summer?

-Milo the Cornish Rex Cat

Howl Milo,

What a fabulous natural gift you have. It sounds like your flourishing ability might be perfect for a long jump competition.

As I have mentioned before, I am a very talented at catching fly balls. A few years ago, I planned on trying out for the Boston Red Sox. I thought I would have made a great outfielder for the team.

I never made it to the tryout because my own doubts took over (my ride to the stadium fell through but that is a different story). Thoughts raced through my head. What would people think of a four-legged creature playing for this beloved professional baseball team? What if I looked terrible in the uniform? What if my talents did not translate to the baseball diamond? I regret doubting myself. What I did was truly ridiculous.

Your dream is not ridiculous. If we don’t act on our dreams then we miss some of the best experiences in life.

Do you live near Oregon? I did a little bit of research and this is where the USA Olympic Track and Field Team qualifying events are happening this summer. Find a way to get there and show off your natural abilities. If the tryout doesn’t go favorably, at least you can say you leaped toward your dream.

I hope to see you on TV during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies wearing one of those hideous team uniforms waving at the camera. Good luck!











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