Penny the Rottweiler: Am I a good mother?

Dear Paws to Talk,

A couple of weeks ago, I gave birth to a litter of six healthy puppies. I love them very much. This is my first experience with motherhood and I have moments where I wonder if I am doing a good job.

There is so much to think about. Besides making sure the puppies are getting all of the nutrition they need, I want them to be good dogs. Even though I am tired, I correct them when they are out of line. I also make sure to give them plenty of kisses. However, they still act like rambunctious little things. How do I know if I am being a good mother?

-Penny the Rottweiler

Howl Penny,

Congratulations on the birth of your pups! Neither of us have given birth to puppies but we have had paws in raising our two human sisters from girls into women. Our human sisters were kind of like your puppies, they tried new things and acted mischievous. However, we kept a close eye on them. They always knew that at least one furry body was watching their every move.

Raising kids is a big job. We are still waiting for proper compensation. The plush toys our sisters bring home for the holidays aren’t quite an equal payoff for enduring their teenage years. However, they give us plenty of kisses and hugs so that helps.

The fact that you are concerned about being a good mom is a positive sign because it means you care. There are mothers out there who just let their kids or puppies do whatever they want. Keep correcting those little canines and showing them the proper way to act. Don’t get discouraged if they keep misbehaving. They’ll get the idea eventually.

In our opinion, showing your offspring love is the most crucial part of being a fantastic mom. Those kisses go a long way. The time you have to bond and cuddle with them is priceless. If those pups know that you love them dearly, it will make them better members of society. They’ll feel love and will then give love.

Hold your tired head high because you are doing a great job. It may not be tomorrow or the next day but one day they will thank you.


Bella and DiDi
















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